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5 frequent questions about Tiny Houses

Le bardage en frêne thermo-chauffé de la Tiny House Montana

The Tiny House lifestyle is becoming more and more popular in Europe. It is indeed an innovative solution that allows independent living in a small space that consumes little. The followers of this way of life are very often motivated by the ecological and eco-responsible approach that this new form of housing provides. While it is often a matter of course for some, for others the change raises many questions. We help you take the plunge today by answering the 5 questions we are most frequently asked!

What permit is required to tow a Tiny House?

In general, the dimensions of the Tiny House are standardized so as not to exceed a total authorized weight in load (PTAC) of 3,5 tons. The maximum width allowed is 2.55m. A BE permit is required to tow your house on wheels. It is important to note that if the last license you obtained was more than 5 years ago, you must retake the theory tests of the highway code. The duration of the training is 28 hours on average and can be completed in 1 week.

The BE license is valid for 15 years and must be renewed at the prefecture or sub-prefecture of your residence before the expiration of the validity period.

Do you want to own a trailer home that is over 2.55m wide but under 3m? It is necessary to ask the Prefecture of your department for an authorization of “Exceptional Convoy”.

What land should I look for for the installation?

Before launching a project, it is very important to consult the Local Urban Plan (PLU) of the town where you want to install the Tiny House. Indeed, each municipality has its own PLU and therefore its own rules. To consult the list of the welcoming communes you can click here.

A building plot with services will allow you to easily connect your mobile home to the electricity and water network.

You have received permission to install your trailer home on a non-buildable lot but you do not have the possibility to connect to the network? Quadrapol offers many autonomy options, such as a photovoltaic kit, gas options and a water treatment kit. These options will allow you to live in total autonomy.

What are the steps to install one on my property?

The Tiny House on a trailer is considered a mobile home. With a surface area rarely exceeding 20m², no building permit is required to install your wheeled house on your property. Indeed, a simple declaration of work is enough for any installation of more than 3 months per year! To make your request for prior declaration of work, you must fill out and submit the CERFA13404 form to the Town Hall.

The surface area exceeds 20m²? You must apply for a building permit.

What are the materials used for its construction?

The Tiny House is a real house on a trailer. Mobile, it must guarantee you safety, comfort and durability. It must therefore be built with quality materials. At Quadrapol, we take great care in selecting the materials we use for construction.

The woods mainly used for the siding of our wheelhouses are larch, thermo-heated ash or red cedar. They are excellent natural thermal and sound insulators, which are also durable over time and resistant to external attacks (including attacks by certain insects). Moreover, they are rot-proof woods. We select them only from sustainably managed forests. Our wood is therefore FSC and PEFC certified.

To increase the insulation, we use wood wool, an excellent ecological insulator. So no matter what the season, you’ll feel good in your home on wheels!

A Tiny House built to measure by Quadrapol: is it possible?

Very often, we are asked if it is possible to create a fully personalized and custom-made house on wheels. Although we have a range of catalog and standardized Tiny House, thanks to a design office composed of wood professionals but also thanks to our experience and know-how, we are able to design your custom projects from A to Z!

From dream to reality, imagine your Tiny House and we build it for you!

Do you have any other questions? Contact us, we will be happy to answer you!


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