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5 reasons to love the Tiny House Cabana


Our Tiny House catalog has six unique and standardized models according to optimized plans. Each model in our range meets different needs. You are already familiar with our Colibri, our customers’ favorite little wooden nomad house. Today, let us introduce you to another star of our catalog : the Tiny House Cabana! Discover the 5 reasons that make it a perfect investment.

1. A nomadic house for those who wish to be mobile

The Cabana is built on a 6 m long and 2.45 m wide galvanized trailer. With a height of 4 m and a weight not exceeding 3.5 tons, it is possible to tow your Tiny House with a simple BE license on European roads.

The Cabana moves with you, no matter what the purpose of your trip is: vacation, European tour or simply a change of ground.

2. Modern design, optimized interior and aesthetic exterior

This 23m² wooden micro-house is a real concentrate of style and practicality. Its exterior cladding can be made of larch, heat-treated ash or Canadian red cedar, depending on your choice. Each type of wood gives it a new aesthetic touch with pleasant and warm tones. The Cabana is designed with 9 windows, including 1 roof window, that let in light but most importantly open to a sunny sky.

Its interior is equipped with 2 mezzanines: a large mezzanine of 8,45m ² which can perfectly be used as bed, and a smaller one of 1,29m ², ideal to store your things.

The kitchen is delimited from the living room by partitions, without however enclosing this space, allowing an easy passage between the different rooms. In the turnkey version, the bathroom and kitchen are equipped and furnished. The little extra of the Cabana: an office space of 3,06m²!

3. An ecological and autonomous house

Each Tiny House in our range is made with quality materials. The wood wool used for insulation is an ecological solution that ensures a perfect temperature in your house. In addition, wood wool has no negative impact on your health unlike other types of insulation.

The wood used for the construction of the Tiny House is from sustainably managed forests with FSC and PEFC certification. Wood also stores CO2 and therefore reduces the emissions of your wooden house by almost 60%.

Autonomy options can be added to your trailer home for even more freedom. No need for network connections, your house can operate in self-sufficiency.

The photovoltaic panels supply the house with electricity. The gas bottles placed in front of the Tiny supply the gas water heater or the plates of your kitchen.

Do you think it is not possible to be self-sufficient in water? We have put in place options to collect rainwater. This is then effectively filtered in an ozone treatment system. The water is then stored in tanks. A biological filter can be installed to treat grey water.

4. An unusual and interesting investment

The Cabana adapts to your needs. Do you want to live there all year round? It is more than possible, it is designed to allow you to do so while guaranteeing you the comfort of a real traditional house.

The Cabana will also fit perfectly into your garden, as an unusual garden studio or as a rental investment to generate additional income.

Host guests if you are short on space in your home. One thing is for sure, your guests will feel so comfortable there that they will never want to leave!

5. A long-term investment

The Cabana is above all a long-term investment. Indeed, well maintained, the Tiny House has an indefinite life span. Only one thing is sure: this one can be used by the next generations.

Are you interested in the Cabana model and want to know more? Contact us for more information!

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