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5 reasons to love the Tiny House Colibri

Tiny House Colibri tractée par un camion

Today, we’re going to tell you all the reasons why we love the Tiny House Colibri, our little protégé at Quadrapol!

In this article, we will also reveal all the details of our promotional offer available from February 7 to 14, 2020! Will you be tempted by this adorable little house on wheels with its modern design and practical interior?

Tiny House Colibri: a breath of freedom and independence

We love this little house on a trailer first of all for its mobility! Have you ever felt the urge to travel and take your whole house with you? It is possible!

Equipped with a 6m long trailer, it follows you wherever you want. It’s a perfect solution not only to go on vacation but also to adopt a new lifestyle, between independence and nomadism. Imagine and feel this incredible breath of freedom that it can give you!

Tiny house Colibri

A modern and sophisticated design

With its sophisticated and original design and its larch cladding, the Colibri combines functionality, practicality and modernity. Although it may seem small, its space is perfectly designed to guarantee maximum comfort in a small space. Thanks to the 2 mezzanines of which it is equipped, this house can easily accommodate your family in a surface of 23m². Bright thanks to its openings, it ensures a warm and cozy atmosphere regardless of the season. Everything is designed to consume little to heat the entire space in winter.

Equipped with a bathroom and a kitchen, this Tiny House is delivered to you ready to live in, keys in hand, and is only waiting for you to become its happy owner!

And for even more autonomy, we offer many options that will guarantee it no matter where you are.

A way to generate additional income

You dream of having a Tiny House on your land but don’t necessarily want to live in it? What if you put this original house on wheels up for rent? Make your purchase profitable by renting your Tiny to earn extra income! Who wouldn’t dream of spending a pleasant stay in one of these small houses on wheels and a pleasant, warm and wooded interior.

An ecological and sustainable solution

What we like most about this little house on wheels is that it is ecological and respects our environment! Indeed, made with carefully selected materials from sustainably managed forests but also certified FSC and PEFC, you with the guarantee of living in a quality and especially sustainable habitat! This is an important point in the difficult environmental context that our planet is currently facing, and Quadrapol is committed to reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere by storing it in its constructions, but also by offering self-sufficient houses that consume little!

Tiny house Colibri

An exceptional offer especially for you

Especially for you, and only from February 7 to 14, 2020, our Tiny House Colibri is priced at 34 900€ including delivery and is delivered to you ready to be inhabited by happy owners. Take advantage of this exceptional offer and realize your dream of living in an exceptional Tiny House!

For your information, the rate is only valid on orders placed between February 7 and 14, 2020 and on a limited production.

For more information, contact us, we will be happy to inform you!

And if you are still hesitating and wish to see our other models, we invite you to click here.

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