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5 reasons to use wood in construction

Des arbres coupés et empilés

Although 70% of the houses in France are built with concrete, wood is now experiencing a revival. We are indeed more and more aware today of the risks of global warming on our environment. This is caused among others by some very polluting sectors such as the building and concrete construction sector. Carbon emissions are now much more polluting than the transport sector!

This is why we are now obliged to find new, ecological and sustainable housing solutions. For this, it is necessary to adapt the materials used and wood proves to be the perfect material! Discover today the 5 reasons why wood is an ideal building material.

1. A material used for centuries

Wood in construction is not a trend, it’s a real return to its roots! Indeed, it is the first material used by men for the construction of the habitat.

It was also used extensively during antiquity, by the Greeks and Romans, particularly in the construction of large villas. It was also at this time that the carpentry trade and construction know-how developed.

It is particularly in the Middle Ages that this material reaches its peak. Used in art, furniture construction or to heat houses, it has also been used extensively in the timber frame construction of important buildings such as castles and churches.

Subsequently, wood declined in favor of new materials. Fortunately, this material with its many advantages is now experiencing a revival.

2. Resistance and durability

Used in construction, wood is perfectly durable and resistant. Larch, for example, is a rot-proof wood, which does not rot even in contact with high humidity. It is a species naturally resistant to insect and fungal attacks.

Properly treated, the lifespan of a wooden house is priceless, but what is certain is that it is guaranteed to last for generations.

3. An ecological material

The building and construction sector has long been accustomed to using mixtures of materials that have a negative impact on the environment.

Wood is a perfect solution for the ecology. Storing up to 60% of CO2, it guarantees a safe, ecological and low-consumption habitat in construction. Thanks to its advantages, especially in terms of insulation, wooden houses are indeed low energy consuming.

FSC or PEFC certified, it allows a sustainable management of our forests.

4. A natural insulator

With wood, you can say goodbye to unhealthy insulation materials such as polystyrene. Indeed, wood is a perfect natural insulator for both acoustic and thermal insulation. The frame and the cladding combined with the wood fiber allow to keep cool temperatures in summer and warm temperatures in winter. Not only is this insulation solution not harmful to your health, it is also very environmentally friendly. The quality of the air in your home is thus perfectly assured.

5. A noble, warm and pleasant material

It is above all a noble construction solution that offers many possibilities! Whether it is for siding, framing or even for the fittings, wood provides a warm appearance both inside and outside your home.

The aesthetics of your home can be worked on depending on the species you choose. Heat-treated ash in caramel brown tones offers a cozy look to your home. Larch has a light, natural wood appearance. Finally, the very prestigious red cedar with its slightly reddish tones will provide a unique design to your wooden house.

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