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How do I connect my Tiny house to water and electricity?

Un accès à l'eau sur un terrain

When you want to invest in a Tiny house, one of the questions that inevitably arises is the connection to water and electricity. Several solutions are available to you to ensure you have all the autonomy you need to live there.

You can opt for an installation that allows you to leave whenever you want or simply set up a “hard” installation if you have decided to put your Tiny House on a plot of land for a longer period.
Quadrapol presents in this article the different solutions to light and heat your home but also all the solutions to guarantee access to water that will be useful for cooking and showering.

Solutions to ensure total autonomy wherever you are

For electricity: a solar generator

The first advantage is that a solar generator does not require an extension cord, a long cable to be pulled which in addition to not being aesthetic, is often difficult to install. The second advantage is that it will cost you less because the energy you produce comes from the sun.

Ce qu’il vous faut ? Quatre éléments sont fondamentaux :

  1. The solar panel obviously which will have to be chosen according to your needs in electricity. If you simply want to be able to light your interior, a panel between 20 and 30 watts will be largely sufficient.
  2. The battery to allow you to conserve the energy created by the sun
  3. A charge controller to regulate and ensure the charge of your battery. There are two types: PWM controllers and MPPT controllers. For small installations and for a power lower than 150 Watts, a PWM controller is sufficient because it is more accessible in terms of price. Their only role is to adapt the voltage of the solar panels.
  4. A voltmeter to check the charging current of your panel and the voltage of your battery
Tiny house solar panel

Pour l’eau : l’eau de pluie est votre ami

Recovering resources from nature is much more pleasant and less expensive! As long as the installed filters are changed regularly, you will be able to clean, cook, shower and especially drink the recovered water.

Drinking rainwater? Really?

The choice is yours! The French state prohibits the consumption of rainwater. However, we met Jonathan and his partner who, thanks to their installation, can drink rainwater. To know everything in detail, we suggest you watch the video below:

If however you wish to opt for a tank, know that it can be sometimes complicated to transport but that it can also represent an additional load during your movements in Tiny House.

The ideal way to ensure your autonomy is to install a rainwater harvesting system. So yes, if you stay in dry areas, you will certainly have to find a system to supplement the amount of water you will have recovered but it will also certainly allow you to reduce your consumption and preserve more our beautiful nature.

Solutions for Tiny houses installed on a long term basis on a plot of land

For water and electricity, you will need to install connections. Generally installed in trenches, the cables are buried with safety nets to avoid any accident if one day someone decides to dig again at this place. It would be a shame if your pipes ended up damaged.

Once your electrical cable is installed, you will need to connect it to your electrical panel. For the water, you will have to think about using a protection to prevent the pipe from freezing and connect it to the valve of your Tiny house.

All you have to do is test it! And if that doesn’t work, fortunately for you, Quadrapol has everything planned and will take care of the necessary installations to guarantee your autonomy!

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