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How to find a plot of land for your Tiny House?

Tiny House sur-mesure installée sur un terrain en pleine nature

Future owner of a Tiny House, you wish to settle on a land and the duration of your installation exceeds three months per year? The land is an essential step for your Tiny House project but it can sometimes be complex. On the one hand, obtaining the agreement of the commune is not always easy. On the other hand, we often ask ourselves this question: to become owner or tenant of a land? Today we help you to see more clearly!

1. Find a community that accepts Tiny Houses

The first step, and not the least important one, whether you want to own or rent a plot of land, is to know the Local Urban Plan (PLU) of the municipality in which you want to settle. The PLU is the reference document in terms of urban planning, housing and urban transport in the commune. Each municipality has its own rules and policy in terms of Tiny House. It can therefore accept or refuse your project. You can consult a map of the municipalities that welcome this new type of housing by clicking here .

In some cases, for aesthetic reasons and to respect urban planning rules, the city may accept your project but only under certain conditions. For example, some municipalities will require you to have a red or green roof color for your wheeled house in order for the project to be accepted.

If your project is accepted, if your cottage does not exceed 20m² on the ground and if the installation on the ground exceeds 3 months per year, a preliminary declaration of works CERFA13404 will have to be requested.

2. Becoming a landowner

You have found a municipality that accepts Tiny Houses and wish to become a landowner? You can start your search. It’s up to you to decide what type of land will work best for you, and it’s not just a matter of budget. Indeed, are you looking for a serviced land, on which you will be able to connect easily to the electrical and hydraulic network or a non serviced land, agricultural, natural or forest, on which the connections will not be feasible? In the second case, you should not be afraid to live in a totally autonomous and independent way. Indeed, thanks to the research of our design office, we can offer our customers many autonomous solutions, which allow to live a nomadic life, independent and especially without connections! To learn more, check out our article on autonomy options by clicking here.

3. You don’t own a piece of land: what are the possibilities?

Rental of land

Using a relative or friend who owns land and can rent it to you is a perfect solution!

If not, you can easily find land rental ads on many platforms such as Le Bon Coin or the Facebook Market Place.

You can also post an ad on Tinystes groups on Facebook! These groups, which are very popular, allow us to exchange information on the search for land, among other things. More than a place to exchange on this new way of life, it is a real place of mutual aid! The group Ma Tiny House or the Tinystes du Sud will probably help you in your research!

As far as the administrative procedures for renting land are concerned, it is quite simple: the owner and the tenant define together the conditions of the lease, its duration and the amount of the rent.

Shared land

Another solution: install your trailer house on a shared plot!

Some campsites, open all year round, accept to rent a pitch on their grounds. If your Tiny House is not autonomous, you don’t have to worry about the connections. In addition, the campsites are often very secure, which allows you to live there in a serene manner.

Increasingly popular, the Tiny House village concept is a bit of a paradise for people who want to be surrounded by Tiny neighbors! What a joy to live in a place that is solely focused on this alternative way of life, ecology and respect for the environment! Connections are often possible on the site and a small rent will be asked for the location. It is in Rezé, in Loire-Atlantique, that the first village of Tiny House was born. Many new projects are underway in France, maybe there is one near you?



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