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Live in a Tiny House: choose an ecological way of life!

Tiny House Colibri tractée par un véhicule sur un terrain forestier

In a world in full evolution and in full environmental changes, more and more people opt for an alternative and new way of life: the Tiny House way of life.

This ecological micro-habitat seduces more and more people throughout Europe.

Living in a Tiny House has become more interesting than living in a traditional concrete house in the center of town. Indeed, its advantages are multiple and the impact on the environment is more than positive.

A reduced and optimized space

There are many reasons to live in a micro house on wheels. One of them may simply be the desire to live in a small space and focus only on what is necessary. Indeed, the mobile Tiny House with standard dimensions very rarely exceeds a living area of 20m². This allows you to sort through the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years in a traditional home. These are often things and objects that are not used on a daily basis. Adopting this new way of life allows you to focus only on the useful and practical. Moreover, the plans of the Tiny House are perfectly optimized to guarantee you practicality and comfort.

In a world impacted ecologically because of excessive consumption and overconsumption, opt for the simplicity of living in a Tiny House. No more excessive and unnecessary purchases: live simply by respecting the environment and focus on what is really important!

Ecological materials that store carbon

In the continuity of an ecological and respectful thought of the environment, the materials used for the construction of this wooden nano-housing are selected with firmness. Each material has its importance in the construction of this habitat and must guarantee its durability but also your safety.

The Tiny House siding is a natural siding, made with quality wood, which gives it many advantages.

For example, larch or heat-treated ash are considered durable materials over several decades. These materials are perfectly rot-proof and resistant to external attacks (e.g. attacks by certain insects). In addition, they are natural sound and heat insulators.

The insulation of your wooden cottage can also be completed with wood wool, a natural, ecological and durable insulation. Not only is wood wool environmentally friendly, it is also healthy for the inhabitants of your home.

The materials used store carbon instead of emitting it as is the case in traditional home construction. Indeed, the building and concrete construction sector is today the sector with the highest greenhouse gas emissions in France. In terms of pollution, the sector is even ahead of the transport sector. For comparison, building a wooden house avoids the emission of 55 to 60% of CO2!

It is important today to opt for new housing solutions that have a positive impact on the environment.

A nomadic lifestyle and guaranteed autonomy

The nano-housing on trailer is also the guarantee of a newfound independence no matter where you are. Thanks to numerous autonomy options and research by design offices, these options are now more and more efficient. They allow to live in a fully autonomous way in water, in energy and in electricity, without connections to the networks.

The rainwater collection and filtration systems guarantee the use of a natural and renewable resource. This is also the case for the photovoltaic systems that can be installed on the roof of your Tiny House to guarantee a supply of electricity. More and more efficient, they ensure autonomy even in case of low sunlight.

A sustainable investment

Finally, the acquisition of this type of housing represents a sustainable and profitable long-term investment. The price per square meter of this type of housing is lower than the price per square meter of apartments in the vicinity of large cities.

Whether you want to live in it all year round, make it a rental investment or use it as your vacation home, this ecological solution is much more interesting than investing in a concrete building.

Thanks to its price, you are sure to make your investment in this ecological and functional solution pay off very quickly!

Choose an ideal setting, in the countryside, in the mountains or by the sea, and enjoy a simple life close to nature!

For more information, contact us! The entire Quadrapol team looks forward to helping you change your life!

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