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Mezzanine: optimize the space of your Tiny House

Mezzanine en bois fermée dans une Tiny House

The space of a Tiny House is quite limited, especially if you want to move with a BE permit and be perfectly mobile. In this case, the dimensions are limited to 4.3 m in height and 2.55 m in width. It is a significant change of life for people used to large spaces and who wish to change their life. However, it should be noted that these spaces are perfectly designed to be optimized to the maximum. One of the optimization solutions: the mezzanine! Discover its many advantages and some ideas to make it a real living room.

Save space and take advantage of the height

The main advantage of a wooden mezzanine is first of all the significant space gain that it gives you inside your wooden house, lodge or Tiny House. In fact, why not rise up and maximize the unused space upstairs to make it a new and practical living space? Lovers of decoration and aesthetic interiors, know that this idea can easily revamp your interior.

Opt for wood

Built with quality wood, the mezzanine is resistant and does not get damaged easily. This noble material gives this space a unique cosy and woody atmosphere. It is also an ecological solution, built and insulated only with natural materials, will not have negative consequences on your health. So you can sleep peacefully, without worrying about anything!

Safety first!

Some people are reluctant to adopt the mezzanine because of safety concerns. However, you should not be afraid of it. Stability and safety are guaranteed. If you are afraid or simply don’t feel comfortable using a ladder to get there, there are options for making it more comfortable and practical!

You can perfectly replace the ladder by a staircase. Its dimensions can be adapted according to your needs and the available surface. Tiny House or small space residents, consider getting a staircase with drawers, which will give you more storage options for your stuff.

The safety of your children is also guaranteed on the mezzanine. A walkway, railings and safety nets can be installed. We can also design an enclosed mezzanine. You can easily turn this space into a child’s room.

A unique space to design according to your desires

The advantage of the mezzanine is also the different possibilities it provides.

You can use it as a bed or just a comfortable mattress. By taking height and thanks to the small windows placed at the level of your mezzanine, or a roof window, you will be able to observe the starry sky. What to fall asleep peacefully and make beautiful dreams!

For those who love to read, the mezzanine also lends itself perfectly to the role of library. Put your books away, put a few comfy cushions and relax.

It is indeed a unique cosy space with a pleasant woody atmosphere. Why not make it a cocooning place with plaids, TV and many cushions? You will feel warm thanks to the natural insulation, but above all safe, especially when the weather is not ideal to enjoy the outdoor terrace of your Tiny House !

Another original idea for your mezzanine: the net! Resistant and of quality, this one can perfectly support the weight of an adult person. Sit back and enjoy a moment of relaxation.

Finally, for those who don’t have a concrete idea on how to use the mezzanine, simply make it a storage space for your stuff!

Do you have any other ideas? We look forward to hearing from you and learning more! Contact us and we will adapt the space to your needs!

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