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Nano-housing: 5 frequently asked questions

Deux tiny houses Colibri installée dans un jardin

A nano-housing project may raise some questions. Quadrapol answers you!

Discover the list of the 5 questions that came up the most in the last months.

Are deliveries possible throughout France and abroad?

Quadrapol’s headquarters and workshops, where your nano-homes, wooden houses and Tiny Houses are produced, are in Krakow, Poland. This prime location, in the heart of the cradle of wood, gives Quadrapol the advantage of being centrally located in Europe and of being able to easily deliver your project, whether you are in Brest in France, Antwerp in Belgium, Bern in Switzerland or Madrid in Spain!

The delivery method will be defined according to the nature of your project. The little extra: the carbon compensation of the round trip thanks to our reforestation actions, for an eco-responsible approach to the end!

Is it possible to make a custom project?

Quadrapol’s strength lies in the various trades that make up our company. Thanks to the work of our design office, our architects and our passionate craftsmen, we are able to respond to your specific requests and thus, build not only your home, but your life project in respect of the environment.

We will accompany you to build a serene future, in a healthy home that meets your requirements.

I hesitate between a lodge and a Tiny House, how to choose ?

The fateful question! It all depends on your needs and your nano-housing project. You want to travel with your home made of wood from eco-managed forests? Better to keep a wooden house with wheels! The Tiny House, a real vagabond house mounted on a trailer, will be your best ally. Of course, it can also be transformed into a sedentary dwelling and find its place in a meadow, in the shade of a forest or even on the ground of your house to welcome close relations and family.

The lodge is more sedentary, although some of our models can be transported without dismantling. The main difference? It can exceed 20 m² on the ground, provided that you have taken the necessary steps with your city hall. Whether you wish to live there for the year, on vacation or even to rent it, he will always be able to offer you the ideal solution to meet your needs.

I would like to install my Tiny in the mountains, is it possible ?

The dream of many tynists! Quadrapol’s Tiny House can be installed in the mountains. In addition to thenatural insulation of wood used for the construction of the walls and partitions of your nano-housing, the use of wood wool, a 100% natural thermal and phonic insulator with multiple advantages such as air purification and hygrometry control, allows to keep the coolness in summer and the heat in winter.

A little bit cold by nature? It is quite possible to install a wood stove to warm up your long winter evenings and add a cosy touch to your Tiny.

How long does it take from project approval to delivery?

For a turnkey project with one of our standard models that you can discover by consulting our range, it takes 3 to 4 months between the validation of the plans and the reception of your Tiny House, Lodge or other garden studio.

One of Quadrapol’s strengths lies in its long-standing experience in nano-housing and, of course, its high-performance production facilities, with a 1500 m² workshop that enables our craftsmen to build your lodge, tiny house, chalet or garden studio in the best conditions.

Find the 5 key steps to realize your nano-housing project in this article!


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