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PROFILE – Paul, plumber at Quadrapol

Un artisan en train de tracer des repères sur le bois

When we think of Quadrapol the first thing that comes to mind is the construction and the different models of wooden houses. Behind these quality products, there is a real work and know-how that could not be realized without passionate people. Indeed, the teams and craftsmen behind all your projects are the key to our business! Meet Paul, our plumber, today!

Hello Paul, please tell us what your job is.

Hello ! I am a plumber at Quadrapol. So I take care of the plumbing of all our wooden constructions. I install all the hydraulic and gas systems in the houses.

Thanks to the tools I have at my disposal, such as the crimping machine, I can ensure that all installations are perfectly sealed. This is a job that is very important in the construction of a house, especially wooden houses. It is also a great responsibility. I can’t afford to make a mistake because a leak in one of our buildings can have consequences for the safety of its inhabitants. That’s why I’m a perfectionist, and I apply myself to every installation I have to do as part of a project.

I also install the various fittings such as the shower, the sink or the washbasin. I like to see the outcome of my work.

I also help my colleagues by putting in insulation to keep customers warm in their homes. Indeed, working at Quadrapol is a team effort. We all move forward together on each project and we like to get everything done on time. This is also one of the reasons why mutual aid is a very important value within our team.

How long have you worked at Quadrapol?

I have been working at Quadrapol for 1 year! I hope to stay there as long as possible.

What I like about this company is first of all its concept. The construction of wooden houses and nano-housing is a concept that is not yet widespread but which is nevertheless the future of the housing sector. I love the fact that I can bring a personal touch to each construction, especially since they are environmentally friendly, durable and of high quality.

This is a change from the traditional housing sector as we all know it. At Quadrapol, everything is thought out in a more respectful way, especially when we know that the concrete construction sector is one of the most polluting sectors.

I also like the constant importance of providing our customers with quality products that will last over time. Quality is indeed an essential aspect of our work. Everything must be done with the utmost care and precision.

What do you like most about your job?

Since I was a kid, I like to assemble, to put together isolated parts according to diagrams and assembly instructions. When I work on a project, whether professional or not, and I see that everything is working perfectly, I get a feeling that is both very pleasant and rewarding.

I also love to receive feedback from clients and share with them the joy of the outcome of their project. However, our work does not end with the completion of a house. It can happen that years later, for example due to misuse, customers encounter slight problems. My job is also to analyze the problems and find solutions with them, so that they can enjoy their home again.

What terms do you think best define Quadrapol?

These are the terms “quality, requirement and job guarantee” because it is a solid and historical company, expert in its activity. We are getting more and more orders and we are excited to be working on new projects!


160 rue Lawrence Durrell,
EOLE building
84140 Avignon


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