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Quadrapol, ecological home builder committed to reforestation

Reforestation Quadrapol Atmosylva

In partnership with Atmosylva, a new plantation was carried out in the Loiret. Quadrapol is a builder of tiny houses, wooden studios and chalets and small wooden houses committed to environmental protection. We use natural wood species from sustainably managed forests. In addition, we contribute to the financing of afforestation and reforestation projects in France. Through these actions, we contribute to the reduction of the carbon impact of a small ecological house to reach carbon neutrality.


A green builder committed to the preservation of the environment

For over a year and a half, Quadrapol has been supporting Atmosylva in its efforts to preserve French forests.

The planting of the reforestation project in Batilly-en-Puisayne, in the Loiret region, was completed at the end of November. This project consists of the planting of 4,128 trees spread over nearly 2.5 hectares.

Fall and winter are the best seasons for planting in the plains, as is the case in the Loiret. Because of the higher rainfall, the plants do not suffer from the possible summer droughts when they are installed.


The different stages of a reforestation project

The first step in the planting process is the pruning of the trees on the edges of the plots. Indeed, the branches are sometimes too imposing and could create shade for young trees.

Then, the soil of the old pasture was decompacted to allow the root system of the young trees to develop in good conditions. Subsoiling is only done on the planting lines, to avoid releasing the carbon contained in the soil.

Finally, the trees are planted 30 to 50 centimeters high by hand with a spacing of 2 meters. This gap allows the trees to grow tall and sheath, avoiding the production of many low branches on the trunk.



Deer and other animals nibble on the leaves of young trees. A protective fence is then installed while the trees grow. Regular maintenance is then carried out in the first 5 years to ensure the good development of the sessile oaks. These oaks are very resistant to drought. Other diversification species, such as forest fruit trees, are also planted. They are particularly popular with birds and deer.


Quadrapol supports a new reforestation project in the Loiret region

Following the conclusion of the Batilly-en-Puisayne afforestation project, Quadrapol will support a new reforestation project on which trees have yet to be funded. The one in Vouzon, in Loir-et-Cher. We will keep you informed with pleasure of the different actions in progress.


Quadrapol : builder of small ecological wooden houses

Since the creation of Quadrapol in 2008, the manufacturer of wooden houses, tiny houses, garden studios and wooden lodges has continued to develop solutions that respond to climate and social emergencies.

An ecological wooden house made by Quadrapol has the advantage of allowing a wider public to access property, without going through a mortgage. It is therefore a good alternative to have a real comfort of life at the right price. Thus, young workers, freelancers or even retirees adopt our tiny houses!

The small wooden houses also have the advantage of having a very good thermal insulation. Wood insulates 12 times more than concrete. Combined with their small surface area, they are very easy to heat in winter and keep cool in summer. This allows you to consume the right amount of energy.


Buy your own autonomous tiny house or ecological house

Always in this desire to consume less and consume better, Quadrapol offers solutions for water and energy autonomy. And this for each of his wooden creations. Thus, you can equip your tiny house, your lodge or your cottage with a technology ensuring a complete or partial autonomy.

For example, the installation of 3 to 9 solar panels with inverter and batteries, a gas installation for the operation of the kitchen and the water heater. Or a rainwater harvesting system with tank and filtration. All these elements make Quadrapol a key player in the field of ecological housing.

To realize your project of autonomous tiny house, contact us at 04 65 68 09 17 or send us a message via our contact form.

To learn more about Atmosylva and its actions, we invite you to read our article.

Thanks for reading :)!


160 rue Lawrence Durrell,
EOLE building
84140 Avignon


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