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Quadrapol’s first presence at a trade show in France

Terrasse aménagée du Cabanon Bleu

In October 2018, Quadrapol had the great honor and opportunity to present its wooden constructions such as Tiny house, garden studios or even Lodges at the Atlantica show. The Atlantica exhibition has been in existence for 20 years and takes place every year at the Parc des Expositions in La Rochelle. It was created by the Charente-Maritime Departmental Federation of Outdoor Accommodation with the aim of bringing together campsite managers, suppliers and service providers.

This 20th edition of the show was marked by an eco-responsible approach that Quadrapol is also part of! Environmental protection being the watchword of this edition, the fair turned around waste sorting, sponsorship, sustainability and eco-responsibility.

We were very happy to participate for the first time and we can say that it was a real success on several points that we wanted to share with you today!

1. The exhibition allowed us to situate ourselves in relation to the competition

Our participation in this event allowed us to show the real and concrete position of Quadrapol in relation to the competition. The models in our range that we had the opportunity to present to you at the Atlantica show have no equivalent!

Quadrapol is in constant search of quality with an absolute desire to be placed in the category of “sustainable” products. Thanks to our participation, we were able to see that we currently have no equivalent on the market of French manufacturers. Indeed, the quality/price ratio of the products that each manufacturer sells is an aspect to study and to take into account before launching your project of Tiny Houses , Lodges or wooden houses. Quadrapol’s philosophy is based on the relationship between the quality and durability of our products and the price you pay for your project.

This “confrontation” with the nano-housing and wooden houses market was an indisputable confirmation for all of us of the quality of the work provided by our teams. We are extremely proud of this, but today it is important for us to persevere in this direction, to improve with each project, and to create new projects that will always be in line with our philosophy of sustainability, quality and respect for the environment.

2. An economic confirmation of our position

Thanks to our participation in this event, we were also able to confirm our position in the market from an economic point of view. Indeed, our products have pleased and we are delighted! Concrete sales of our little houses on wheels, otherwise called “Tiny House”, have taken place.

We are extremely proud of this! These sales are the result of the work of our entire team, but also of our know-how and our passion for this noble material, wood.

During this show, two lodges, four garden studios and 6 Tiny Houses were sold!

3. The autonomous nano habitat, the future of the habitat!

Finally, participating in this exhibition also allowed us to share our vision of nano-housing with all the participants. The small wooden houses, garden studios, lodges or Tiny House, are really the habitat of tomorrow. In an environmental context that is becoming increasingly difficult and threatened by consumables, disposability and pollution, it is necessary to think of less energy-consuming options. It is therefore necessary to reduce space in order to consume less and to create a habitat that brings us closer to each other but above all to our environment!

We enjoyed this first experience at the Atlantica show in La Rochelle and we hope to be able to return very soon!


160 rue Lawrence Durrell,
EOLE building
84140 Avignon


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