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Stand-alone Tiny House: which options to choose?

Panneaux photovoltaiques de la Tiny House autonome

In a world that is changing rapidly, more and more of us want to opt for a sustainable, ecological and environmentally friendly habitat. Our clients often ask us this question: is it possible to live in the middle of nature, completely independent and autonomous? The answer is yes and we reveal more in this article! Indeed, at Quadrapol, we are constantly looking for new solutions to guarantee you the independence you need. So, what are the solutions for an autonomous Tiny House?

How to ensure water autonomy?

Imagine for a moment on this beautiful land in the middle of nature, peaceful and exotic… a dream place to live in your Tiny House! Now imagine living there completely self-sufficient in water, with no connections. For this, some facilities are necessary.

First of all, having a gutter installed makes it easy to collect rainwater. Once filtered, the water can be stored and redistributed to the shower, sink or washing machine. Rainwater can be purified with ozone treatment, an ecological and natural method whose impact on water and the environment is very different from chlorine treatment. Ozone is a non-toxic gas that disinfects by oxidation, making the water quickly drinkable. Another solution to have an important water storage: the water tanks which can be installed inside or under the frame of your Tiny House.

Grey water is the domestic wastewater that comes from the shower or the sink, for example. They can be easily treated and reused with options such as the Biolan Light grey water treatment kit. With its natural filters made of natural filtering materials, natural Finnish foam and micro-organisms that feed on grey water impurities, you can easily filter up to 300 liters per day.

An extra accessory to control your water consumption? Opt for the water flow regulator for the shower and the sink and use only what is necessary. Regardless of the pressure, this accessory allows you to save 60 to 70% of water!

For the toilets, autonomy is assured thanks to the dry toilets which are used without water. This solution is both ecological and practical, saving nearly 30% of water. The bedding made of sawdust or shavings neutralizes any odor, without chemicals.

Energy autonomy: what solutions?

To ensure a perfect energy independence, a 1kW hybrid photovoltaic kit can be installed on the roof of your wheeled house. It provides power to the lights of your Tiny House as well as to household appliances such as the washing machine or the television. The kit is fully waterproof thanks to an IP68 junction box and ensures excellent performance even in low light thanks to the advanced technology of the surface texture and solar cells.

Gas cylinders placed in a specially built box at the front of your trailer house can be used to power your kitchen’s gas cookers. The gas water heater allows you to heat your water.

For heating your cottage, use a wood stove! Economical, it is also an ideal ecological solution because wood stores more CO2 than it releases, which differentiates it from fossil fuels. Moreover, you don’t need to heat your Tiny House much! The wood used for the construction of your house is a perfect natural thermal insulator.

In conclusion, living in a nomadic and self-sufficient way is possible! No need to be connected to the electrical and hydraulic network! Opt for the autonomy options and feel the freedom that Tiny House living offers!

To learn more about options and pricing, contact us! The Quadrapol team is always available to help you find the best solutions for your project.


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