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The 5 steps of your nano-housing project

Les plans de maisons à ossature bois Quadrapol

You’re probably wondering… what are the different stages of a nano habitat project at Quadrapol? We answer this question today by describing each step in detail, whether it is the choice of the product, the choice of the land, the budget but also the finalization of your project and finally the delivery of your house in your home!

Step 1: Choosing the product

The first step, and not the least, is of course the choice of the product. Depending on your needs, it can be a Tiny House, a wooden lodge of 20m² or a house of more than 20m². Of course, this is a key step for the rest of your project and the Quadrapol team will help you find the type of home and the model that will perfectly match your needs and desires.

You have studied our models but the standard plans do not suit you? No problem, the entire Quadrapol team as well as the design office composed of architects and engineers is at your disposal to create your custom project. Each project is unique and we adapt it for you and your comfort!

Step 2: The field

The land is an important step in your project. Indeed, whether you choose a lodge, a cottage or a Tiny House, the acquisition of a land is as important as the choice of the product. Whether you already own a piece of land or are in the process of looking for or buying one, you need to ask yourself several questions before embarking on the project: Is your land buildable? Does your project comply with the Local Urban Plan (PLU)? Is it easily accessible?

It is indeed important to note that each municipality has its own PLU and that it is essential to consult it before embarking on your project and making any request for prior authorization for work!

To consult the PLU of your municipality :

  • You can contact the “Urbanism” department of your town hall
  • You can consult it online, if it is available, on the website of your city hall

If your land is not buildable and you want to settle there with your Tiny House, you have to ask your town hall if the land is a “pastille”, in other words, a non buildable zone defined in the PLU reserved for mobile homes.

In general, for each project, we advise you to contact the City Hall of your city to validate the feasibility of your project.

Step 3: The budget

Once you have chosen the product and the land, you can now define more precisely the budget necessary to finance your project. You will need to estimate a maximum budget that you do not want to exceed.

Depending on the modifications or transportation required to deliver your project, the Quadrapol sales team will provide you with a cost estimate, which will help you decide on the means of financing (self-financing or loan).

Step 4: Finalizing the project

Now it’s time to focus on your project! Between the signature of the order form and the delivery of your project, allow 2 to 3 months for a standard model!

What happens during this time?

First of all, once the order form is signed, our Project Manager will contact you to define all the details and choices in terms of wood colors both inside and outside, the color of the roof or the layout of your kitchen and bathroom. More like “Natural”, “White” or “Walnut”? It’s time to treat yourself! Moreover, Quadrapol chooses with great rigor materials and exceptional wood, from sustainably managed forests and FSC certified for your safety and the quality of the finishes. It’s a nice step that allows you to design your project even more! Afterwards, it is the turn of our architects to concretize your project, with pencils, on plans. From your imagination, we move on to completed plans that are validated with you at each step.

Once validated, the plans are transmitted to our workshop, composed exclusively of professionals and wood specialists. It is this team, composed of carpenters, joiners, painters, plumbers or electricians who, thanks to their unique know-how, will finalize your project and make it real!

Step 5: Delivery

After 2 to 4 months of rigorous work, to ensure safety, comfort and the quality of the finishes of your wooden house, it is the long awaited moment: the delivery of your house! Delivered turnkey, it is ready to live in! All that’s left to do is settle in and enjoy your new home.
If you have any questions, the entire Quadrapol team is at your disposal to advise you or to provide you with information. Just contact us!

Do you know what’s even more awesome about the realization of your project? By choosing Quadrapol, you actively participate in the respect of the environment by opting for a sustainable habitat, which stores carbon instead of emitting it, but above all, hand in hand with Quadrapol you participate in the reforestation of our planet! In fact, for each wooden house built, Quadrapol offers its clients the possibility of replanting the equivalent of trees that were necessary for the realization of the project, on the sites ofAtmosylva and Reforestaction.

Have these step-by-step details made you want to start your project? Contact us If so, we look forward to learning more and working with you!

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