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The advantages of a wooden house

Vue extérieure d'une maison à ossature en bois.

This is a question that you have probably already asked yourself in the context of your house, Tiny House or lodge project: what are the advantages of a wooden house?

Wood is a noble material whose advantages in construction have always been recognized. It has been used for centuries, for example in the construction of ancient villas.

Today, more than ever, it is regaining its importance in the construction sector. Ecological, it is a material of the future that allows to mitigate the pollution caused by the building sector and concrete construction.

Discover today the different advantages of wood construction.

An ecological and sustainable alternative

Wood is first of all an ecological and environmentally friendly material!

Our environment has indeed been considerably polluted for decades, and the choice of materials used in the construction sector is partly responsible for this. Indeed, the building sector is today the most polluting sector in France. Emitting large quantities of carbon into the air, it is even more polluting than the transportation sector!

Wooden construction, on the contrary, allows to store carbon! For comparison, if you choose to build a wooden house instead of concrete, you avoid the emission of 55 to 60% of CO2 in the environment!

In addition, despite certain prejudices, wooden houses are much more resistant and durable than a concrete house. In the event of a fire, for example, the wooden structure takes longer to give way and does not release as many toxic gases as a traditional house.

Today, more than 70% of the houses are built with concrete. It is time to change our habits!

A quality material

It is essential to use quality wood and to select it with great care. The one from sustainably managed forests with FSC and PEFC certifications allows to fight against deforestation and to guarantee a constant renewal of this resource.

Here are some of the advantages of the species most commonly used in the construction of our homes.

The larch

The larch is a high mountain wood found mainly in Northern Europe, Siberia but also in the Alps. It is a material that brings a unique aesthetic touch to your home but also has many advantages.

First of all, it is a perfect natural insulator! Naturally coming from cold regions, it is an excellent thermal insulator. An ideal material for those who wish to settle in the mountains!

Larch is a rot-proof wood. This means that it does not rot even in contact with high humidity. It is also resistant to external attacks such as insect attacks. This gives the larch an excellent durability.

Thermo-heated ash

Heat treatment makes ash rot-proof, making it the perfect species for siding your trailer house. Heat treated ash is resistant to fungi, thermites and dry wood insects.

It is a material that adds a very pleasant and warm touch to your wooden house thanks to its caramel brown tones. Maintenance is simple and easy, whether you want to keep its natural color or let it naturally gray.

Red Cedar

Red cedar is a prestigious wood, particularly found on the Pacific coast of Canada. Its color in red tones is both aesthetic and unique. This noble wood has natural oils that make it resistant to external attacks (moisture, insects, fungi). It is naturally fungicidal.

It is also a light wood that will be perfect for those whose Tiny House fittings are heavy. In addition, red cedar does not require much maintenance and its aging process gives it a very aesthetic silver tone.

Do you have questions about siding, wood and its benefits? Contact us for more information! Passionate about wood, and with a know-how of more than 12 years in the construction of houses and cottages with wooden frame, our team will inform you with pleasure!


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