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The boom of the Tiny House, small wooden houses on wheels

Tiny House Lotta sur un terrain

More and more people decide to leave the traditional habitat we all know for a more original and ecological form of habitat. Where do these little houses on wheels come from? Why are they becoming more and more popular today? In this article, we reveal all the reasons why the followers of Tiny House love them so much!

Where do they come from?

We investigated: it was our neighbors on the other side of the Atlantic who gave us the virus, the United States!

Two major figures have been at the origin of “building smaller “. The first is Sarah Susanka, an architect by training, who in the mid-1990s and during her various trips to the United States reflected on the relationship between the spaces of houses and the quality of life. She found that between 1978 and 2007, U.S. homes grew from 165 to 230 square meters because prospective homeowners were not offered alternatives.

The “Small house movement” was born with the goal of improving the quality of life by reducing spaces to the essential.

The second “star” is Jay Shafer, who was at the origin of the Tiny house in the United States. He built the first models and created his company in 2001. The subprime crisis in 2006-2007 strongly boosted the development of tiny with owners who did not want to borrow anymore and wanted to be free to go where they wanted. The mobile log home movement was launched!

Although Tiny houses also called small houses on wheels have existed for a very long time, the post-subprime financial crisis of 2008 has given them a new impetus. Generation Y, but not only, is conquered by these small houses at reasonable prices that allow to be independent much faster… without big credit on the shoulders.

If these small houses on wheels have existed for a long time in the United States, they have only been popularized in Europe for the last ten years!

We like them for their price

These little houses on wheels are very accessible! At Quadrapol, count 36 800€ TTC for the model Colibri .

In addition, they are fully customizable, in terms of design, materials or colors, but also in terms of layouts that adapt to your needs.

Storage, mezzanines, kitchen equipment, bathroom… everything is possible! The Tiny House is above all your habitat, you imagine it and we create it for you.

These little houses on wheels are also a durable solution which makes them a perfect investment. Built with exceptional materials, selected with the greatest care, it is a long-term housing solution.

We love them for their minimalism

In a society that has lived far too long on the consumable and the ephemeral, more and more people are choosing to live simply, opting for solutions that are continuous over time. Imagine for a moment all the things you have at home and ask yourself if you really need them.

The philosophy of the followers of these houses is above all to focus on essential things that can last in time for the good of our planet and its inhabitants!

We love them for their mobility

Thanks to their trailer, you can take these little wooden houses on wheels wherever you want. It is the perfect solution to feel free and independent, but above all to feel at home wherever you take it.

You don’t want to settle there permanently? Make it a leisure solution. Ideal to go on vacation, it will save you the price of renting an accommodation.

But what we like most of all is the ecological and sustainable development aspect! All these reasons make that at Quadrapol, we like our Tiny so much! In mobile version, but also in fixed version, they are totally adapted to your needs.


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