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Tiny House : all you need to know in 5 questions

Tiny House en bois en stationnement sur un terrain

When one wishes to become owner of a Tiny House, one inevitably asks himself many questions before launching fully into the project. That’s why we’re helping you see things more clearly! Find today 5 answers to frequently asked questions about Tiny Houses.

1. What is the price of a Tiny House?

The price of your micro house on a trailer will depend very strongly on your needs and expectations. This can vary between 15 000€ and 60 000€, depending on your choice. Here are the different options available to you depending on your budget:

  • Self-construction: you design your Tiny House from A to Z and control your budget. The price may vary depending on your expectations and the materials chosen. You can build your Tiny House for 15 000€. However, it should be taken into account that it is a real wooden house. This one must be safe and guarantee you safety and comfort thanks to the ecological and quality materials that you will choose. In addition, it is preferable to have some knowledge of DIY to undertake this type of project.
  • Turnkey: Opting for a professional builder, specialized in the construction of wooden houses will save you time. It is also the guarantee to have a Tiny House with a quality of the completions perfectly mastered thanks to the know-how of the wood of your manufacturer. In the turnkey version, the Tiny House will be delivered to you ready to live in, with a kitchen and a bathroom equipped and fitted out. Choosing the turnkey version is to opt for peace of mind if you are not a handyman. For the price count between 36 800€ and 60 000€, depending on the model and the options chosen.
  • A DIY Tiny: this is a perfect alternative for those who want to bring their own touch to the Tiny without necessarily taking care of the frame, insulation and waterproofing.

Count on average 23 000€ for a version to finish yourself. To learn more about this option, contact us!

2. What are the limits in terms of dimensions?

It all depends on whether you want to move with it and be perfectly mobile! If you want to tow your Tiny House on the European roads with a simple perms BE it is necessary that your Tiny House respects certain dimensions: maximum 2m55 of width and less than 4m50 of height. The weight must not exceed 3.5 tons. Beyond these dimensions, the Tiny House will be considered as an exceptional convoy.

3. What insurance is needed for the micro house on a trailer?

To be fully insured, two types of insurance are necessary. When parked, the Tiny House is considered a mobile home. You must have home insurance. On the road, the trailer of your Tiny House must be insured independently of the vehicle. It must also have its own license plate.

4. Is it mandatory to be connected on the field?

You don’t have to connect your house to a trailer if you opt for self-sufficient water and energy solutions. The photovoltaic kit, the gas options as well as the water recovery and filtration systems will allow you to live independently wherever you are. In addition, these solutions will allow you to make considerable savings!

5. What is the life span of a Tiny House?

The goal of this new housing solution is to be as sustainable as possible! Made with quality wood, it is resistant to external attacks. Moreover, it will be possible to renovate it easily. Well maintained and well used, the life span of this trailer house is indefinable. What is certain is that your children, grandchildren and even the following generations will be able to enjoy it.

Find other questions and answers on our article 5 questions about Tiny Houses.

And for any other question concerning Tiny Houses, contact us, we will be happy to inform you!

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