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Tiny House Colibri : the opinion of Quentin, responsible for Zen’ature

Tiny House Colibri en stationnement sur un terrain en pleine nature

We asked some questions to Quentin, happy owner of a Tiny House Colibri and responsible for the online store Zen’ature, where you will find among others natural interior decoration, depolluting plants, terrariums or even log holders.

What made you want to buy a Tiny House?

First of all, it is the ecological aspect of the construction (the materials used, the energy saving and the absence of fossil fuels). Moreover, I am attracted by the minimalist philosophy inherent to this habitat. The small volume of the house also creates a cosy and warm atmosphere. I like that very much.

Finally, as I was recently independent, my budget was limited. The economic attraction therefore influenced my choice. The price allowed me to become a property owner, which was utopian in my eyes.

In your opinion, is an optimized space of 20m² sufficient?

Before purchasing the Tiny House, I had some apprehensions that quickly dissipated thanks to the proper layout of the interior. The Tiny offers an openness to the outside world that suits me perfectly. I have already enjoyed several times barbecues at the foot of the Tiny. It was always friendly and at no time did we feel cramped. Nevertheless, in order not to overload the space, I had to make some choices in the layout. I opted for a living room rather than a dining room for the sake of conviviality. But as said before, life in this type of habitat is as much inside as outside, which enlarges the space.

Why did you choose Quadrapol for your project?

After many searches with various manufacturers, I discovered by chance the company “Quadrapol” by consulting the site “Le Bon Coin”. I took several steps to ensure the reliability of the company. Through reading various articles and many positive comments about them, I was able to see their expertise and seriousness. A contact with Mr. Jean-Jacques Perrolle of the sales team reinforced the confidence I had in the company.

A second reason for my choice is the quality-price ratio. The company uses quality products, such as larch wood siding or an oak worktop . The company also pays attention to detail and aesthetics, such as a small design lamp outside the Tiny House or integrated spotlights.

How was the installation of your Tiny House on site?

The delivery times were respected to the letter. Despite the language barrier, I was able to talk with a very nice young man who put the Tiny on the ground. The final installation was made easier by watching a video about some tips to stabilize it. The equipment necessary for the installation was complete (wrench, wood to place under the crutches). A very pleasant surprise was the discovery of some Polish specialties.

Are you satisfied with your Tiny House Colibri?

Yes, I am completely satisfied with the Tiny House “Colibri”. The interior design is cosy. It is very bright. When night falls, the spotlights integrated into the ceiling contribute to the warm aspect of the house.

Although the bathroom is small, the shower area is spacious. There is also a sink with a cupboard to store the various products. The materials used are of high quality. The household appliances and heaters are from a well-known German brand. The larch cladding is treated for a period of 10 years.

The finishes are impeccable as well as the wood cuts which are made with precision. Many people came to visit it and it was admired by all, even by people who were more skeptical about the minimalist philosophy of the concept.

To conclude, I discovered a well finished product of high quality.


160 rue Lawrence Durrell,
EOLE building
84140 Avignon


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