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Tiny House : how to arrange its interior ?

L'espace intérieur aménagé d'une Tiny House Colibri

Tiny houses are these small houses on trailer perfectly mobile and practical. With an average surface area of 20m², they have everything of a large one! Their space is optimized thanks to ingenious arrangements that will facilitate your daily life!

We share with you today some ideas to arrange your Tiny House in a practical and aesthetic way.

Take the height with the wooden mezzanine

The mezzanine is an ideal solution to save space in your Tiny House! It will also add an aesthetic and modern touch to your interior.

The mezzanine allows you to save space in a significant way by taking advantage of the space in height. Its role can be varied and adapts to your needs whether you use it as a sleeping area, storage space or library corner. For even more comfort, opt for two mezzanines on each side of your trailer home.

To move easily and quickly from one mezzanine to another, install a wooden walkway. Don’t forget the guardrails for safety!

Plan some openings in your mezzanine to let in the light, and be able to enjoy it fully during the day. At night, you can observe the starry sky. In short, the mezzanine we love and we adopt it in our Tiny House!

Wooden mezzanine with bed in a Tiny House

The net for an original relaxation area

You wish to add a personalized and original touch to the interior of your Tiny House ? Get some height and think of the net between 2 mezzanines! The mesh will add a modern look but will also be a perfect place to sit and relax after a long day at work. Close your eyes and relax on your catamaran-style net.

Single or double lacing? It’s up to you what’s best for you, with the single lacing being enough to accommodate the weight of an adult.

And why not opt for a colored net to add a touch of pep?

Net between two wooden mezzanines inside a Tiny House

A staircase with storage drawers

Do you have a mezzanine? Install a staircase for easier access. Even better! Opt for stairs with storage drawers! It is the perfect solution to have extra storage space while saving space in your trailer house.

Moreover, you can personalize them by playing with the colors. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to add a classic touch with black and white or on the contrary add a touch of very vitaminized color and revive your interior space!

You can also perfectly play on the shape of your staircase by designing an asymmetrical and original structure. It’s a perfect and practical decoration.

Wooden stairs with storage drawers

Custom-made wooden furniture

Wood is a noble and practical material that offers a multitude of possibilities. For DIY enthusiasts, the Tiny House and wood are an ideal playground for thinking, designing and building custom furniture. Think practical! Are you afraid of not having enough space in your home once the furniture is installed? Optimize them!

For the space between the kitchen and the living room, choose a wooden folding table that you can use or fold easily and at any time!

For the living room area, build your own wooden bench with storage space.

Not much of a handyman? No problem, let us know your ideas to maximize your space in a functional way. Passionate about woodworking, we can build your custom furniture and fittings for you. This saves you time, while guaranteeing that the finish of your furniture will be perfectly taken care of.

A wooden deck to enjoy the outdoors

It is not because a Tiny House is mobile that you cannot take advantage of its outside, by posing you on a small pleasant wooden terrace! It is an ideal option for those who wish to enjoy both the interior and exterior of the cottage as well as the beautiful spring or summer days. It is quite possible to build it in several parts that you can easily store and take with you when you travel.

For more advice and information, contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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