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Tiny House on one level or with mezzanines: which one to choose?

Tiny house intérieur : pièce de vie et chambre en rdc

What type of tiny house should you choose for your project? An important question!

You want to change your lifestyle, you have an expansion project to accommodate your family or you want to make a rental investment? And this, while respecting your values and minimizing your impact on the environment? You have certainly already heard about the tiny house.

Its particularity is that it is a tiny house, with all the comforts of a real house. The challenge is then to optimize the available space, according to your habits and needs. Like a garden studio, the tiny house is mobile. It is on a trailer and can be towed with a suitable vehicle. It is therefore transportable, as can be a caravan. But beware, tiny house and caravan can only be compared in terms of mobility. Indeed, the tiny house or small house is closer to a real wood frame house.

How to choose your tiny house ?

As mentioned above, it is important to choose a tiny house that meets your needs. Its daily organization, its preferences. In short, to everyday life! You have two choices. A tiny house with a mezzanine or a single-storey tiny house. And we’ll try to help you see more clearly in this decision making!

Tiny house with mezzanine : advantages, use, price of a tiny house

A small house with mezzanines has an obvious advantage: increasing the available space. Thanks to the mezzanines, it is possible to double the available surface of your house. For a trailer with a 6m platform, we reach a surface of 26m² approximately, including mezzanines. Enough to accommodate a family of 4 people!

The mezzanine is perfectly adapted to install the night space. Indeed, it is often relatively low ceiling, the height limit of a tiny being 4m outside to take the road. We then arrive at a height under the ridge of about 1m10. A very suitable height to install a bed. But also, storage, a reading corner, or a real office! The only drawback is that you have to be able to use the ladder or stairs to climb.

Depending on the size of the mezzanines, it is easy to install 4 fixed beds on the floor. For example, in our family model Colibri, the mezzanine of 6m² accommodates a double bed 160 or two single beds. While the mezzanine of 3m² hosts a double bed 140 or a single bed.

The first floor is used for the day. Kitchen, living room, shower room find their place there. The surface is perfectly optimized. And when guests are there, we opt for the convertible sofa.

A Tiny house with mezzanines has the advantage of being able to accommodate a family or to offer additional space for storage or leisure without encroaching on the living room. At Quadrapol, the price of a tiny house with large mezzanines is 44 300€ for the Colibri model, 23m².

Tiny house on one level: use, advantages, price

First of all, a tiny house without a mezzanine remains a tiny house. A real miniature and mobile wooden house. It offers all the comfort of a traditional house while allowing you to consume less, to consume better. Non-invasive for the soil, it does not require foundations. With a floor area of less than 20m2, it with a simple request for prior work in the town hall. With high performance insulation, you reduce your energy consumption. With a dry toilet, you significantly reduce your water consumption.

The single storey tiny house answers the problem of daily accessibility. And yes, we are not all able, or we simply don’t want, to climb the ladder every day! Especially when you are not comfortable with height…

To meet this new type of demand, Quadrapol has created the Tiny House Capucine. A single storey tiny house with a real double bedroom on the first floor. No more climbing!

To compensate for the lack of a mezzanine and extra height space, we opt for a slightly longer remoque size. At Quadrapol, we chose a 7m20 platform. The advantage? A true double bedroom was created on the first floor, without encroaching on the living area. The circulation in the Tiny Capucine is fluid, easy, accessible to a large public. Especially for seniors or young children for whom safety is a priority! Storage spaces are provided under the roof and in the living room. The living room has enough space for a sofa bed with a 140 cm mattress. A single-storey tinyhouse can accommodate 2 to 4 people.

Tiny house on one level: aging better, or aging together

La Capucine meets the needs of parents who want to take care of their parents themselves. We live in a society where the average age is increasing every year. Where the cost of a rental, even in the countryside, is important. And the number of nursing homes is increasing. Taking care of your loved ones, being close to them on a daily basis or during the vacations, while respecting their privacy, is a new priority. To offer an unequalled comfort of life, around simple values such as benevolence, sharing, respect. These reasons make the Capucine an alternative to rental, retirement home or residence for seniors. Its interior allows an easy circulation between the rooms. With its double bedroom on one level, its equipped kitchen and its bathroom with shower, the tiny house Capucine is very welcoming, and this for all generations. Whether it’s for a weekend, several weeks or a year-round occupation.

Discover our Tiny Capucine at the price of 59 200€ turnkey.

So, which tiny house should I choose for my project?

Your small house should be a family home and welcome people? For you, climbing ladders or stairs is part of the charm of the Tiny? Opt for a tiny house with mezzanines inside. It will delight the youngest, but also lovers of optimization and the spirit of the wooden hut.

The house is for 1 to 2 persons. An audience where accessibility and safety are paramount? A one-story tiny house is more appropriate. The Capucine is very appreciated in family projects where you wish to welcome your retired parents in your garden, while offering them a real independence. Aging well, a subject that affects us all at some point in our lives!


Why choose the Quadrapol tiny house?

At Quadrapol, the tiny home is built with natural wood species that are rot-proof and fungicidal, FSC or PEFC certified. No autoclave, which is wood that has been chemically treated to prevent biological attack. A choice that allows to reduce even more, the impact on the planet. But also, to reduce the maintenance of your tiny house. We are a Polish-French, European manufacturer and we source from Germany, Austria, France and Italy. Poland is the European cradle of wood. A real know-how in woodworking is passed on from generation to generation.

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