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Tiny House project : Lisa’s opinion

Tiny House avec une terrasse en mélèze installée sur un terrain

A new Tiny House Hummingbird recently joined its owner who took the time to answer our questions! We share with you today the details of his project.

Why did you choose a Tiny House?

First of all, the idea of the Tiny House came to me after having seen reports on television, notably one where a young student had chosen to live in a Tiny House during her studies, instead of taking an apartment. It is exactly for the same reason that I chose the Tiny House. I wanted to be in the countryside, in the peace and quiet, not far from my family and in a place where I could feel good like in a cocoon. Luckily, my parents had a large plot of land behind their house, which is not yet buildable, and it turned out to be the perfect place to put the Tiny.

How do you use your Tiny House? Would you like to move with it?

My Tiny House is not intended to be moved. I made the choice to connect to my parents’ house for water, electricity and sewage disposal, for comfort and mostly because I knew I wouldn’t move it.

How did you arrange the space of your Tiny House?

For the layout, I went to visit twice the Tiny on display on the Carpentras site to get a good idea of the volume and the space I was going to have and I watched blogs and videos on the layout of Tiny owners. I took a lot of measurements and looked for accessories and furniture designed for very small spaces. I bought only what I really needed and finally I realize today that there is so much storage that I still have room left. What I wanted was not to overload the Tiny so I opted instead for very small furniture, shelves and storage baskets .

Is there enough space for the various amenities?

I was really surprised by the storage space! I didn’t have any difficulties to put my stuff in it and I didn’t have to make concessions on this or that thing to bring or not because in the end everything went in and I still have room!

How did you settle in?

The installation on site was eventful. Even though I had calculated everything, the entrance to the gate, the path to the lot and the location, the delivery was perilous. The Tiny couldn’t get in because the truck that was towing her was too long and so she was likely to rub the wall. It took many minutes to find a solution to get her to her location. It was very stressful but also so great to see it arrive, to finally discover it, to look at it on its place and say: finally! She’s here, I love her already, she’s so beautiful!

How well did the Quadrapol team support you in your project?

The Quadrapol team was very supportive of my project. Everything is very well organized, the different steps are well explained and above all the team is really available and willing to listen. At first I found it confusing to communicate by email and phone with the people who were going to build my Tiny because it’s very different from when you build your house where you meet the different trades but finally, the team is so present for us that my worries quickly dissipated and everything went very well.

A big thank you to Lisa for her trust!

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