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Tiny House: travel in total freedom

Tiny House Lugano tractée par un pick-up

The purchase of a Tiny House is nowadays partly motivated by the mobility and independence that this type of housing provides. Functional and practical, it’s a perfect solution for travelling in a nomadic, economical way and really taking your whole house with you. Here are some of the advantages of traveling with this real house on a trailer!

Mobility as a watchword

Traveling in a Tiny House has not only become more and more popular but also allows to travel differently: in an ecological and nomadic way! It is a perfect solution to plan a tour of Europe for road trip lovers.

Thanks to its 6m trailer, the Tiny House is perfectly mobile and follows you wherever you go. Thanks to its standardized dimensions with notably 4m height and 2,45m width, you will be able to move easily on the roads of Europe (and even further!).

The space of these real houses on trailer is perfectly optimized thanks to the mezzanines. Storage spaces are also provided inside the Tiny House to maximize the storage of your belongings. Opt for stairs with storage drawers for more practicality.

A little advice to prepare your trip: even if Tiny Houses are more and more popular in Europe, the regulations concerning them are not yet very clear in all countries. Before leaving, we advise you to find out about the different rules that apply to parking, traffic or the installation of your Tiny House on a plot of land.

Saves time and money

Traveling with the Tiny House is also advantageous in terms of time and money. You decide to go on vacation? Forget the hours of searching to find an accommodation that will suit both your budget and your availability.

You will also save your time because you will not have to pack anymore! To leave, simply attach your trailer home to your vehicle and off you go. You can take your whole house with you! No risk of forgetting anything.

The exceptional materials with which the Tiny Houses are built guarantee security and comfort. Wood is a natural insulator for both sound and heat, so you can be sure of a quiet and peaceful stay. Moreover, thanks to its wooded interior, you will enjoy a cosy, warm and wooded atmosphere that will undoubtedly allow you to recharge your batteries during your vacation.

No disappointment in discovering an accommodation that does not correspond to your needs, your Tiny House is perfectly personalized according to your desires!

An autonomous Tiny House for a stay in complete freedom

For even more freedom and independence and to avoid worries about connections, opt for autonomous solutions!

For the energy part, choose a photovoltaic kit for the electricity and the power supply of the lights and electrical outlets. Add gas options such as a water heater or an oven with gas plates. For the heating part, choose a wood or pellet stove.

For water autonomy, opt for a grey water treatment kit, ecological and economical, which can filter up to 300L of wastewater. Thanks to a storage tank placed under the trailer, you can also take the water you need for your consumption during your stay.

Contact us to learn more about our self-sufficiency options! Our team will be happy to help you design and build the Tiny House of your dreams, whether you want to live in it or spend your vacations in it.


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