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Tiny house turnkey, to finish or in kit: our offers!

Tiny house Quadrapol construtcion

You have a tiny house project and you wonder what the different options are to realize your project?

At Quadrapol, we offer three finishing options: delivery of a tiny house out of water and out of air, to be finished or turnkey and ready to live in! Realize your project as you imagined it!

Find out what our offers include in detail.


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1. The turnkey tiny house offer

The turnkey offer is the most common. Because yes, it is the perfect solution when :

  • You don’t want to build your own tiny house,
  • You want to make a tiny-house on measure or on plan,
  • Or if you want an autonomous tiny house!

In fact, your tiny house is then delivered completely finished, ready to live in. The kitchen is equipped with a black resin sink and a flexible mixer tap, a double-burner electric hob and a 95l built-in refrigerator, depending on the model of the tiny selected. The bathroom is equipped with a toilet (dry or not, it’s up to you), a hand wash basin and a shower.

During the manufacture of your tiny house in our workshop, we carry out the complete electrical and hydraulic installations and can also install the options of autonomy within the framework of a project brought to be moved or installed on a ground without possible connection.

All you have to do is put your things down and finish the interior of your pretty little house on wheels!

In this configuration, you can choose the interior design and options of your turnkey tiny house. Thus, you select with our team the parquet floor, the color of the interior paneling, the color and the layout of your kitchen furniture, the elements of your bathroom, or the wall sconces. Autonomy options, such as the installation of a photovoltaic kit or a rainwater collection system with tank and filtration can also be installed directly on your tinyhome.

Advantages of the turnkey offer

  • Tiny house ready to live in, all you have to do is put your stuff there!
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Possibility to add water and energy autonomy options
  • Possibility to realize a customized project

Price of a turnkey tiny house

Our turnkey offer starts at 44 300€ for the tiny house Colibri (standard).


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2. The tiny house offer to finish

Our intermediate offer or tiny house to finish has the same finishes as the turnkey tiny house. The tiny house is completely insulated. We carry out the interior design, with the manufacture of partitions, mezzanines and the shower room. However, the kitchen is not included in this offer.

The differences with the turnkey offer are as follows:

  • Withdrawal of the equipped kitchen: leave room for your creativity, and make your own kitchen!
  • Custom projects are not available with this offer
  • Autonomy solutions are not available for this offer

The offer to finish is an intermediate offer which allows you to receive your tiny house almost finished, and to add “your touch” by making the layout of the kitchen. Moreover, it is a good option to take advantage of an attractive price, by carrying out small works yourself.

We realize for you the structure of the tiny, with the insulation of the walls, the waterproofing, the electric and hydraulic circuits of your tiny, the realization of the interior lining and the water room.

Advantages of the tiny house offer to finish

  • Tiny house whose layout is to be finalized
  • Little work to do yourself
  • Possibility to make your own kitchen
  • Price of the interesting tiny house

Price of the offer to be completed

We propose our tiny houses to be finished from 40 600€ TTC for our Colibri model.

3. The tiny house offer out of water out of air

The “hors d’eau hors d’air” offer is the ideal offer for the most do-it-yourselfers wishing to contribute to the realization of their tiny house. Halfway between self-build and our intermediate version, you actively participate in the construction of your tiny house.

Indeed, we deliver your tiny house on its trailer out of water out of air. That is to say that the external structure of the tiny house, with the external walls and the roof are realized. The windows and the door are also installed. However, the complete interior design still needs to be done. Therefore, you can define and realize a fully customized interior.

This gives you all the scope to create the interior of your tiny house yourself.

You will then have to perform the following steps:

  • Installation of the wood wool insulation, the wood wool is provided by us
  • Purchase and installation of the vapour barrier
  • Realization of electrical and hydraulic circuits
  • Interior trim: paneling, flooring, partitions and mezzanines
  • Realization of the kitchen and the bathroom

Advantages of the tiny house offer out of water out of air

  • Arrange the interior of your tiny house to your image. Choice of materials, colors, decorative elements, let your creativity run wild!
  • Shorter lead time for the realization of your tiny in your workshop
  • Control your budget: save money by doing it yourself!

Price of the offer tiny house out of water out of air (HEHA)

From 33 500€ TTC for our Colibri model in standard version.


Now you know our different offers of tiny house finishing! So which solution will you choose?

Whatever your choice, we will be there to help you!

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