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Tiny houses, garden studios, lodges & wooden houses

Builder of small wooden houses: sustainable wooden chalets, garden studios, lodges & Tiny Houses

Quadrapol is a builder and manufacturer of wooden homes with a passion for preserving the environment. Our adventure began in 2008, with the design of high-end wooden chalets and houses. Building on our experience in wood-frame construction, since 2014 we’ve been developing mini-homes made of wood, known as nano-housing. We build wooden habitats, with orwithout planning permission: wooden lodges and chalets, high-quality garden studios and nomadic dwellings known as Tiny Houses.

Environmentally-friendly accommodation

We are in the obligation and in front of the evidence of the emergence of a new ecological habitat. 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions are released into our atmosphere by a single industry: cement. A house in “traditional” construction, it is about 20 tons of cement and similar. That is 16 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

At Quadrapol, this relationship is reversed. Each of our small ecological wooden houses, such as the Tiny House, store CO2. We were working within the criteria of RT2012 even before its legal existence. Today, Quadrapol’s objective is at least carbon neutrality with a wooden house that functions completely independently.

A virtuous circle

Choosing to build a self-sufficient wooden chalet is to actively participate in the efforts to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere for a better environment. The wood we work with is a noble material, chosen with rigor and is FSC and PEFC certified.

The forest has so much to offer us, we must protect it. In addition to the use of wood from sustainably managed forests, we plant 20 to 30 trees for each project in afforestation or reforestation projects in association with Reforestaction and Atmosylva. One more gesture for the good of our planet and our environment that allows to compensate for more than 100% of the environmental impact of the production and transportation of our beautiful wooden houses.