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Why choose a tiny house without a mezzanine?

5 reasons to choose a tiny house with no mezzanine or on one level!

A tiny house or tinyhouse is a small house that meets a number of societal challenges. It can be used for many purposes. As a main home, second home, living space or rental project. It’s aimed at a wide audience, thanks to its value for money and the fact that banking and administrative formalities are simpler than for a traditional house.

To optimize space, a tiny house often includes one or two mezzanines. While they meet a real demand, some people are increasingly looking for one-storey cottages. Because climbing a ladder on a daily basis isn’t possible, because they don’t find it practical or comfortable. Or sometimes, simply for fear of heights.

To meet this new demand, Quadrapol has created the Tiny Hous Capucine. A single storey tiny house with a real double bedroom on the first floor. No more climbing!


The mezzanine-less tiny house, a mobile, eco-friendly wooden cottage

First of all, a tiny house without a mezzanine remains a tiny house. A real miniature and mobile wooden house. It offers all the comfort of a traditional house while allowing you to consume less, to consume better. Non-invasive for the soil, it does not require foundations. With a floor area of 17m2, the Capucine can be installed with a simple application to the town hall. With high performance insulation, you reduce your energy consumption. With a dry toilet, you significantly reduce your water consumption.

Tiny house on one level: aging better, or aging together

La Capucine meets the needs of parents who want to take care of their parents themselves. We live in a society where the average age is increasing every year. Where the cost of a rental, even in the countryside, is important. And the number of nursing homes is increasing. Taking care of your loved ones, being close to them on a daily basis or during the vacations, while respecting their privacy, is a new priority. To offer an unequalled comfort of life, around simple values such as benevolence, sharing, respect. These reasons make the Capucine an alternative to rental, retirement home or residence for seniors. Its interior allows an easy circulation between the rooms. With its double bedroom on one level, its equipped kitchen and its bathroom with shower, the tiny house Capucine is very welcoming, and this for all generations. Whether it’s for a weekend, several weeks or a year-round occupation.

A real living space or additional room close to your home

The Capucine single-storey tiny house has a double bed, and the room can be converted into a garden office, library or workshop! The possibilities are endless. The tiny house is like a blank canvas, and it’s up to you to write its story and give it its function. A self-contained studio for your teenager, a vacation home for your loved ones, a cosy, soothing office. You’re the artist!

A studio for rent or atypical guest room

The Capucine tiny house, with its real double bedroom on the first floor, is aimed at the widest possible audience. Among them, seniors, for the reasons mentioned above. But also parents with young children, who prefer to opt for a single-storey layout to avoid any incidents with mezzanine floors. Or simply because getting up in the middle of the night to climb down the ladder to see 9-month-old Jules isn’t always easy.


160 rue Lawrence Durrell,
EOLE building
84140 Avignon


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