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Wooden micro-house : what to choose ?

Chalet en bois 35m2 Havana

The wooden micro-house is not only a trend. It is above all the development of a new, sustainable and ecological habitat. This new and increasingly popular type of housing is emerging to address the negative consequences of overconsumption and pollution, among others, of the concrete construction sector.

In a rapidly changing world, it is important today to develop new solutions that allow people to live in an environmentally friendly habitat.

Not sure which type of micro-home is right for you? We help you to see more clearly!

Change your lifestyle with the Tiny House

Tiny House Cabana on its galvanized trailer

The Tiny House is a small house on a trailer, mobile and very practical! It is an ideal solution for people who want to change their lifestyle and get back to basics, closer to nature.

The surface of a Tiny House rarely exceeds 20m². You can easily install it on a plot of land, without a building permit. A preliminary declaration of work is however necessary for an installation higher than 3 months per year on the same ground.

To know everything about the installation of a Tiny House on a plot of land, we invite you to read our article dedicated to this subject, by clicking here.

A reduced but optimized surface guarantees you to live in a minimalist and simple way in a cosy and wooden interior. It is also a way to get rid of accumulated and unuseful stuff, to live only with the necessary in a smaller space.

Travel lovers, this solution is made for you! Thanks to its galvanized trailer, you can easily tow your Tiny House with your car, wherever you want!

Thanks to the research of our design office, we are now able to offer you self-contained trailers, with options that guarantee you a perfect independence, without worrying about connections and bills! With these options, you will use natural resources such as the sun or rainwater.

The garden studio: an extra space for your home

garden studio
Twenty garden studio with larch siding and terrace

The wooden garden studio can meet several needs.

You already have a house but you need an additional space to accommodate your loved ones? Maybe you just need a small space to work or do business in? The garden studio is for you.

It is a 20m² space that can be installed without a building permit. It also moves easily around the field so you can take it with you if you move.

With its wooden cladding and interior and its natural wood wool insulation, it is an ecological and sustainable solution. The materials used are neither harmful to the environment nor to your health, unlike the materials used in concrete constructions. Its interior is designed for low consumption. It is also a perfect rental investment that pays for itself very quickly.

Count between 29 900€ and 35 000€ for a turnkey studio, with a kitchen and a bathroom fitted and equipped, all made with quality materials.

Wooden mini-chalet: a living space for the whole year

Lodge, Dakota Wooden Cabin
Wooden lodge model Dakota

You want to leave your concrete apartment or house for a more natural and ecological solution? Choose a wood-frame cottage in which you can live all year round.

Wood is an excellent natural insulator that provides you with a higher level of living comfort than traditional housing. You will feel perfectly at home both in summer and winter, in a unique wooded atmosphere.

To guarantee a change of scenery and a total well-being, choose a plot of land in a natural setting, in the countryside or in the mountains, far from the hassle of the city.

As for the surface area, choose what suits you best. We offer many models ranging from 20m² to 40m². The space of our chalets is perfectly optimized to guarantee you a real comfort with quality fittings.

The wood used for the construction of the chalet is selected with great care from sustainably managed forests. This noble material ensures security and serenity. In addition, it stores carbon and therefore reduces greenhouse gas emissions into the air.

If none of these solutions suit you but you are interested in a wood-frame structure, let us know about your project. Passionate about woodworking, our teams will be delighted to find the solution that suits you best!


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