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Tiny House Carol

Tiny House living at its best

52,600 all-inclusive

Carol: a tiny house for 2 to 4 people

With its classic, modern and practical design, the Carol offers you style and flexibility. It’s a real miniature chalet! Its little extras: a lovely terrace and an extra room on the first floor!

The Carol is ideal for people who want to live there all year round, whether in the countryside, by the sea or in the mountains. Whether you’re entertaining family, friends or guests, you’ll feel right at home here! Its small 1.37 m² entrance terrace is a pleasant little extra that gives the Carol a classic aesthetic touch.

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Tiny house Carol: surfaces, equipment, options

The Carol’s interior is warm and welcoming. The 11 windows give your home the perfect amount of light! With a ground-floor surface area of 12.26 m², the Carol model is perfectly optimized, with a living area comprising the lounge and kitchen, a shower room, but also an additional 2.55 m² room, ideal for a child’s bedroom or an office! Tiny houses may look small, but their perfectly designed space guarantees unparalleled practicality!

With two mezzanines totalling 8.44 m², you can easily sleep 2 to 4 people. For added comfort, opt for the walkway option between the two mezzanines, or the staircase option for easier access and more storage space.


160 rue Lawrence Durrell,
EOLE building
84140 Avignon


The Tiny House Carol is delivered in 4 to 5 months, fully finished and ready to welcome you. It features a kitchen with solid oak worktop, shower and toilet (dry or not, you decide!). You’ll love the interior fittings and the quality of the finishes, created by craftsmen with a passion for woodworking.

The Carol cottage features 40x60mm thick wood-frame walls, custom-made wooden doors and aluminum windows for perfect insulation and guaranteed warmth in winter. It’s also the assurance of heating your home with wood at lower cost, and making considerable savings. The electrical and hydraulic network is installed to ensure your autonomy and independence. What’s more, we can offer you numerous options and accessories, such as a wood-burning stove or a terrace to enjoy the sunny days!

Delivery and transport of your Carol tiny house

Buying a Tiny House means freedom and mobility! Change your life and opt for this unique lifestyle.

We deliver your Tiny within 4 to 5 months. No planning permission is required, just a simple application for permission to build if your tiny house is installed for more than 3 months on the same plot of land.

Live self-sufficiently with our self-sufficiency options!

Feel the freedom of Tiny House living! No need to be connected to the mains electricity or water supply, opt for the autonomy options !

Energy independence is ensured by a photovoltaic kit. Gas allows you to cook in the usual way. And for heating, what could be nicer than a wood-burning stove?

For your water supply, a rainwater harvesting system with filtration, natural treatment and storage tank will ensure your independence. In addition, a grey water filtration system and dry toilets will enable you to minimize your impact on the environment.

How do you transport your Tiny house Carol?

The plateau measures 6.07m long and 2.50m wide. Delivered turnkey and on its trailer, it is fully approved for towing and road use. So it’s easy to transport your little wooden house wherever you need to go!

The Tiny House Carol in detail: price, materials, photos

See the table below for tiny house prices and key information on materials. Like all our creations, this adorable little house on wheels is made from noble materials, carefully selected to ensure your home’s durability while preserving the environment.

Carole is the perfect Tiny House if you’re looking for a small, charming exterior and a ground-floor office or spare bedroom. It also has two mezzanine floors offering 3 fixed berths.

Tiny house price52 600 TTC (excluding delivery)
Area20,70 m²
Number of beds2 à 4 beds
Floor area12, 26 m²
Mezzanine area8,44 m2
Trailer800 kg with galvanized braked twin axles.
Timber frameKVH 40×70 mm Larch wood cladding with saturator (FSC/PEFC certified)
Insulation and waterproofingDorken Rainscreen Class M1 (Bs1d0) Non-flammable | Dorken Euro Vapour Barrier Class E Sd >100 m
RoofingSteel pan 15-year warranty
Electricity & PlumbingLegrand electrical fittings | PER cross-linked polyethylene pipes
Windows and doorsThermo-lacquered aluminum.
Fully equipped kitchenDouble vitrage argon 4x18x4.
Bathroom and WC80×80 shower; solid wood dry toilet
Interior trimChoix catalogue : Sol stratifié et PVC Douche | Palette de couleurs pour mur et plafond + spot
Delivery4 à 5 months

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