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Tiny House Hydi

A concentrate of the Tiny House spirit

51,500 INCL. VAT

Tiny house Hydi: a mini-chalet on wheels!

This trailer-mounted cottage is the epitome of the Tiny House spirit and art of living! Its space has been perfectly designed to guarantee comfort and ease of use.

On the first floor, you can enjoy a 12.64 m² room, which you can furnish to suit your image and your desires! Its 7.28 m² wooden mezzanine provides perfect sleeping accommodation in a warm, cosy atmosphere.

What sets the Tiny House Hydi apart from other models in the range? The 2.12 m² terrace on the helm is ideal for enjoying the surrounding environment.

Made from quality materials, this micro-house on wheels is a long-lasting, profitable investment. Its larch (or heat-treated ash) cladding guarantees perfect thermal insulation, summer and winter alike. For even more lightness, choose Red Cedar siding! The wood wool used for building insulation (walls and roof) is a natural material that has no impact on your health, unlike synthetic insulation!

Aesthetically, the Hydi Tiny House is like a mini-chalet on wheels, combining classic and modern styling. It’s perfect for the mountains, the countryside or the sea! It’s an unusual and original living space, but above all it’s environmentally friendly, as it consumes only what’s necessary in terms of heating and electricity. Add autonomy options and live your Tinyst life to the full, with no grid connections and no bills!


160 rue Lawrence Durrell,
EOLE building
84140 Avignon


Would you like to customize our Hydi model?

Thanks to our design office, made up of architects with a passion for woodworking, we can perfectly adapt the plans for this maisonette on wheels to your needs. Would you like to enlarge a space by removing a partition, add a mezzanine access staircase with storage drawers, or create a unique, made-to-measure piece of furniture for the interior of your wooden cottage? Our team is ready to listen to you and help you create a project that’s just right for you!

Live nomadically & self-sufficiently with our autonomy options!

Feel the freedom of Tiny House living! No need to be connected to the mains electricity or water supply, opt for the self-sufficient solutions !

Energy independence is ensured by a photovoltaic kit. Gas allows you to cook in the usual way. And for heating, what could be nicer than a wood-burning stove?

For your water supply, a rainwater harvesting system with filtration, natural treatment and storage tank will ensure your independence. In addition, a grey water filtration system and dry toilets will enable you to minimize your impact on the environment.

Contact us to find out more about our self-contained Tiny Houses !

Why choose the Hydi Tiny House?

The Hydi Tiny House is synonymous with freedom. With its small size, quality finishes and woodsy, mini-chalet ambience, it’s already won over more than one customer! The materials used in its construction are selected with great care by our teams, with the aim of guaranteeing your safety and well-being, whether you’re on the road or in the field.

In the turnkey version, the Hydi comes with a solid oak kitchen equipped with sink, fridge and hob. The bathroom has a shower, washbasin and dry toilet.

At Quadrapol, we have no doubt that the Hydi will make you happy and enjoy your life as a Tinyste!

How do you transport your Hydi?

Thanks to its 3.5-tonne GVW-approved and registered trailer, you can tow your wheeled house wherever you like with a BE license! The platform measures 6m42.

We deliver your nano-housing within 4 to 5 months of signing the order. Don’t wait any longer, and opt for this ecological and sustainable habitat, for your well-being and that of our environment.

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Tiny house price51 500 € TTC (excluding delivery)
Area19.92 m²
Number of beds2 beds
Floor area12.64 m²
Mezzanine area7.28 m²
Trailer800 kg, with galvanized braked twin axles
Timber frameKVH 40*60 mm
Wood claddingLarch with saturator
Insulation and waterproofingDorken rainscreen Classification M1 (Bs1d0) Non-flammable |Dorken Euro Class E vapour barrier Sd > 100 m
RoofingSteel pan 15-year warranty
Electricity & PlumbingLegrand electrical fittings | PER cross-linked polyethylene pipes
Windows and doorsThermo-lacquered aluminum. 4/18/4 double glazing, argon gas.
Fully equipped kitchenSolid oak worktop
Bathroom and WC80*80 shower; solid wood dry toilets
Interior trimCatalog choices: Krono laminate flooring and PVC Shower | Color palette for wall, ceiling and spotlights
Delivery4 à 5 months

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