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Quadrapol, designer of Tiny House, wooden chalets & garden studios

A manufacturer of eco-friendly wooden nano-dwellings


For nearly 15 years, Quadrapol has specialized in the design and construction of wood-frame houses and self-sufficient, carbon-negative nano-housing.

Our philosophy is based on 6 key words: common sense, truth, sustainability, respect, harmony and balance. We attach great importance to respect for the environment, manufacturing homes with carefully selected wood from sustainably managed, FSC-certified forests. FSC  and PEFC

Our history

Quadrapol is the story of a happy coincidence. When a nature lover with a passion forhabitat discovers Poland, a country where nature, tradition and endemic fauna coexist. Everything is in place to make an ambitious project a reality: designing tomorrow’s housing.

Frédéric Robert arrived in Poland in 2000. While traveling for personal reasons, he fell under the spell of the country’s verdant forests, crystal-clear lakes and rugged mountains. Everywhere, woodworking, an accessible resource historically used in this region of Europe, is revealed. Houses, chalets and local crafts: the know-how of thousands of years is revealed in all its facets.

With deep ecological convictions and a real respect for the work of the craftsmen he meets, Frédéric Robert decided to embark on the project of his life: creating sustainable and responsible habitats with a negative carbon footprint. And so Quadrapol was born.

Find out how our teams bring your projects to life and give birth to high-quality Lodges, Tiny Houses , Garden Studios and other Wooden Homes.

The design office

Your project begins in our design office. Located in the charming city of Krakow, it is made up of architects specializing in timber-frame and interior design, engineers and landscape architects.


You can contact our project manager and his qualified team by email, telephone or videoconference. During your interviews, all your dreams of eco-responsible, sustainable housing are put down on paper:

the design office likes to play with the shapes permitted by wood to come up with original, solid projects.


Once the plans have been validated, they go into production in our workshop, located 50km away, where they take physical shape in the hands of our passionate woodworkers.

The workshop

In our 4,000 m² production and storage workshop, nestled in the heart of the Polish mountains, our teams of experienced craftsmen are hard at work. Carpenters, joiners, cabinet-makers, roofers, fitters, plumbers and electricians, accompanied by our engineers, our production manager and Frédéric Robert, Quadrapol’s founding president, work closely together to produce our creations to the highest standards, without neglecting any detail. That’s why we carefully select our materials to offer you exceptional services, always with a thoughtful environmental approach.

Quadrapol Avignon sales agency

The Quadrapol team is fortunate enough to be split between two beautiful countries: France and Poland. We have a branch in Avignon, on the Agroparc technology park. We also display some of our models in situ, near Carpentras and the famous Mont Ventoux. Please call us on 04 65 68 09 17 to make an appointment to meet us!  The “ Tiny House
“spirit is synonymous with respect. Respect for nature, but also for people. Quadrapol makes it a point

of honour for everyone to find their place within its structure, wherever they may be.

Because people are at the heart of every project, professionalism, respect for others and conviviality

are an integral part of our DNA. We’re here to advise and support you in your project.

Contact us and tell us about your sustainable nano-housing project!

The Quadrapol team


Founding President


Sales Manager


Project and Customer Service Manager


Technical sales representative



Passionate craftsmen & exceptional materials

Pictures taken in our workshop near Krakow.

Quadrapol’s achievements

Here are a few of our creations