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Garden office Studio Twenty Office

20m2 of living space without planning permission

35,600 incl. VAT (delivery included)

A turnkey garden office without planning permission!

A flexible, practical and mobile space

With a surface area of 20m² that can easily be converted, the Twenty Office wooden garden studio lets you practice your trade or passion close to home. This garden studio, or office, is fully customizable to meet all your needs.

The main room welcomes your office and customers. At the rear of the habitable garden studio, sanitary facilities and a kitchen area or kitchenette have been fitted out to enable you to carry out your professional activity in the best conditions of comfort and complete autonomy.

The Office version of the Twenty studio, which looks like a container office, has the advantage of being easy to install on a level floor, with no need for foundations. Even after being connected to the grid, it remains completely mobile and can be moved to allow you to carry out your business without constraints!

Made with noble, environmentally-friendly materials, this turnkey garden office offers an eco-friendly alternative to modular constructions whose composition is not always very meticulous.

Studio Twenty Office, a contemporary 20m2 garden studio


160 rue Lawrence Durrell,
EOLE building
84140 Avignon


A versatile, sustainable investment

Although intended for professional use, the Twenty Office offers everything needed to be considered a habitable garden studio without planning permission. This versatility makes the garden studio a modular wooden extension that can be adapted to suit your projects.

With a surface area of 20m2, this garden office is delivered throughout France at a price of €35,600 incl. VAT, delivery included !

Our complete price offer includes follow-up by our architect, delivery and installation of your garden studio. We can also take care of administrative formalities (on request) and network connections (optional).

The garden office, a cost-effective solution for your business

Whatever your business, the Twenty Office garden office is an investment that pays for itself in no time.

Connected to the mains and offering a beautiful main room, it can welcome your customers in the best conditions. It’s easy to set up a comfortable office with armchairs, accompanied by a lounge area where you can chat over a cup of coffee, but the dimensions of the main room also make it possible to install furniture for professions focused on well-being or aesthetics, for example. The kitchen includes everything you need to eat on site, so you can have lunch without having to leave your office and go to a shop, or your home, to collect your meal. Sanitary facilities are also provided, allowing complete autonomy throughout the day.

The Twenty office garden desk in detail:

Price garden office35 600€ TTC (delivery included)
Area20 m²
Number of beds2
Timber frameKVH 4050 mm Larch wood cladding 18130 mm with saturator treatment
Isolation et étanchéitéInsulation and waterproofing
ElectricityElectrical equipment Legrand
PlomberiePER cross-linked polyethylene pipes
Windows and doorsThermo-lacquered aluminum. 4/16/4 argon gas double glazing.
Cuisine équipéeFully equipped kitchenKitchenette
SanitaryROCA WC, washbasin
Interior trimLaminate flooring and interior panelling, with choice of wall colors
Delivery3 to 4 months

Twenty Office garden studio in pictures

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