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Garden studio The Sailboat

20m2 of living space without planning permission

61,800 incl. VAT (excluding delivery)

A contemporary design garden studio without planning permission

Le Voilier is a unique, high-end garden studio that can be installed without planning permission.

As the name suggests, the Sailboat is a 20m2 garden studio that has been designed to add an aesthetic and functional touch to your garden.

With its many openings, this modern studio lets the light in perfectly and allows you to enjoy a living room open to the outside.

The Le Voilier garden studio is the perfect answer to a wide range of needs, and can be used for a variety of purposes depending on your wishes: as additional accommodation for friends and guests, as a rental investment, or even as a high-end poolhouse!

Thanks to its remarkably stylish pergola, you can make the most of your outdoor space on sunny days!

Le Voilier, a contemporary 20m2 habitable garden studio


160 rue Lawrence Durrell,
EOLE building
84140 Avignon


Its optimized interior offers all the comfort you need to feel at home! Le Voilier features a fully-equipped kitchen opening onto the living room, a 4.4m² children’s bedroom and an elegant oval bathroom.

Available in conventional construction, it can also be mounted on a self-supporting metal frame for easy relocation. The Voilier can easily be installed without planning permission, with a simple preliminary building declaration!

Take to the open seas with the turnkey Voilier garden studio, from €61,800incl. VAT (delivery not included)!

Are you still wondering about the advantages of investing in a garden studio? Find out why we love them so much at Quadrapol by clicking here.

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Le Voilier: an upscale, contemporary 20m2 habitable garden studio

Quadrapol uses only the finest materials in all its constructions. Thanks to larch cladding and spruce panelling with whitewash, your habitable garden studio is a durable, long-lasting construction. Perfectly insulated thanks to high-quality materials, it’s the perfect solution for both summer and winter.

What’s more, Quadrapol guarantees FSC and PEFC-certified wood from sustainably managed forests, to ensure a balanced, virtuous circle based on respect for the environment and sustainable construction.

The expertise of our team of joiners, carpenters, electricians and plumbers ensures safety and quality finishes. We have more than 14 years’ experience in building timber-frame houses, and we’re putting that experience to good use in building your own habitable garden studio.

Personalize your garden studio!

Would you like to modify the standard plans to suit your needs? Thanks to a design office staffed entirely by passionate professionals, we can create your very own custom garden studio!

Do you have any questions? We’d love to hear from you ! The Quadrapol team will be delighted to help!

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