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Tiny House

Quadrapol’s iconic Tiny House

49,200 € incl. VAT turnkey

Colibri, the tiny house for 4 to 6 people

The Tiny Colibri is a beautiful little house on a 6-meter-long trailer. With a surface area of 23.84 m2, 2 mezzanines, a fitted kitchen and a pretty shower room, it offers numerous layout possibilities.

Customize your tiny house

We have a wide range of finishes to help you create the decor and layout that suits you best. For each of our projects, we allow you to choose the colors of the interior panelling, parquet flooring, kitchen furniture or shower lining. You can also add options: add a window, remove a partition, create custom furniture, autonomy options…

An energy and water self-sufficient tiny house

Our Tiny House Colibri can also be equipped with self-sufficient water and energy solutions. These solutions enable you to set up your Tiny house on land not connected to the mains, for example. It’s also an excellent way to rethink our consumption habits and consume only what’s necessary, in harmony with what nature has to offer.


160 rue Lawrence Durrell,
EOLE building
84140 Avignon


Delivery and quality of our tiny houses

Our Tiny Houses are built by craftsmen with a passion for their craft, in our workshop. The materials we use are of the highest quality and sturdiness. It’s the fruit of a meticulous selection process in line with our strong environmental convictions.

We deliver (within 4 to 5 months) your turnkey Tiny House from our workshop, anywhere in France, but also in Belgium and Switzerland. So whether you want to set up your Tiny House in Brittany, Provence or the heart of the Massif Central, it’s time to take the plunge and take control of your future! Adopt the Tiny House lifestyle and breathe in the country air, while refocusing on the essentials!

Ideal for year-round living or rental

Whether you want to realize a personal project and change your lifestyle, make the most of an unused space or generate rental income, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate in line with your needs and requirements.

Enjoy the freedom of buying our Colibri, a turnkey Tiny House for 49,200 euros incl. VAT (delivery not included)!

The Tiny House Colibri is also available from €39,400 (incl. VAT) in a watertight, airtight version.

Tiny house quadrapol tractée

Your tiny house in complete or partial autonomy

Feel the freedom of Tiny House living! No need to be connected to the mains electricity or water supply, opt for the
self-sufficient solutions

Energy independence is ensured by a photovoltaic kit. Gas allows you to cook in the usual way. And for heating, what could be nicer than a wood-burning stove?

When it comes to water supply, a rainwater harvesting system with filtration, natural treatment and storage tank will ensure your independence. In addition, a grey water filtration system and dry toilets will enable you to minimize your impact on the environment.

Contact us to find out more about our self-contained Tiny Houses !

Our Tiny House Colibri in detail: price, surface, materials…

Discover the main information about our Tiny House Colibri below: the price of the Tiny House, details of its surface area, the materials used…

The Colibri is the flagship model in our range. Perfectly optimized, the Tiny house is ready to move into. It’s also an excellent basis for a personalized project, by adding windows, enlarging the mezzanine, or opting for an open kitchen!

Below is the information for our standard, turnkey model:

Tiny house price49 200 € TTC (excluding delivery)
Area23, 84 m²
Number of beds4 à 6 beds
Floor area13, 46 m²
Mezzanine area10, 38 m²
Trailer800 kg with galvanized braked twin axles
Timber frameKVH 40*60 mm
Wood claddingLarch with saturator (FSC and PEFC certified)
Insulation and WaterproofingDorken Rainscreen Class M1 (Bs1d0) Non-flammable | Dorken Euro Vapour Barrier Class E Sd >100 m
RoofingSteel pan 15-year warranty
Electricity and plumbingLegrand electrical equipment. PER cross-linked polyethylene pipes
Windows and doorsThermo-lacquered aluminum. 4x18x4 argon gas double glazing.
Shower room and WC80*80 shower with glass door; solid wood dry toilet, washbasin
Fully equipped kitchenKitchen furniture and worktop, sink, 2-burner induction hob, built-in fridge.
Interior trimCatalog choices: Krono laminate flooring and PVC Shower. Color palette for panelling and ceiling + spotlights
Livraison4 à 5 months

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