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Tiny House, garden studio, lodge and wooden chalet, delivered ready to live in

Tiny house, studio de jardin, lodge et chalet en bois, livrés prêt à habiter

Manufacturer of tiny houses and wooden cottages: wooden chalet, garden studio, sustainable lodge

Quadrapol is a builder and manufacturer of eco-friendly, self-sufficient tiny houses andwooden habitats, with a passion for preserving the environment.

Our adventure began in 2008, with the design of high-end wooden chalets and houses. Building on our experience in wood-frame construction, since 2014 we’ve been developing mini-homes in wood: nano-housing.

We build wooden homes, with or without planning permission: lodges and chalets, high-quality garden studios and nomadic dwellings: Tiny Houses.

Eco-friendly, self-sufficient cottages

8% of the world’s CO2 emissions are released into our atmosphere by a single industry: cement. We need to reinvent the habitat, by making it ecological.


A house in “traditional” construction, it is about 20 tons of cement and similar. That is 16 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


At Quadrapol, this relationship is reversed. Each of our small ecological wooden houses, such as the Tiny House, store CO2. We work within the RT2012 criteria, long before its legal existence.


Today, Quadrapol’s goal is at least carbon neutrality, with a fully self-sufficient wooden house.

Building a wooden house with Quadrapol

Choosing to build a self-sufficient wooden chalet means actively participating in efforts to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere for a better environment.


The wood we work with is a noble material. Carefully selected, it is FSC* and PEFC* certified.


The forest has so much to offer us, we must protect it. In addition to using wood from sustainably managed forests, we plant 20 to 30 trees per project in afforestation or reforestation projects in association with Reforestaction and Atmosylva.


One more gesture for the good of our planet and our environment that allows to compensate for more than 100% of the environmental impact of the production and transportation of our beautiful wooden houses.


*FSC: Forest Stewardship Council®. This is an international label guaranteeing that the wood used complies with sustainable forest management procedures.


* PEFC: Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes. Created in 1999, PEFC certification provides consumers with a guarantee that the products they buy come from responsible sources and thus contribute to sustainable forest management.

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