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Garden studio, turnkey garden office

Wooden garden studio without planning permission, fully customizable!

The garden studio without planning permission

At Quadrapol, we offer a range of eco-friendly housing solutions to suit your needs. Among these, the 20m2 to 26m2 habitable garden studio is ideal for easily adding living space to your home, right in your garden!

The garden studio is a real wood extension. It’s perfect for adding an en-suite bedroom and all the comforts you need to welcome your loved ones close to home. Thanks to its kitchen, it’s a complete dwelling that can be used as a rental investment, or as a wooden pool house with kitchen and shower room for long summer days. For the more studious, the wooden garden studio is also a comfortable and soothing workspace that will easily find its place in your garden!

Whether you are an individual or a professional, our model will meet your expectations. In particular, you can use it as a rental investment or unusual accommodation, as part of a tourism or leisure project, or as a customized workspace.

These garden studios, similar to a container house (or maison conteneur) but with a much more environmentally-friendly wood composition, can be easily installed on flat ground.


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Our studios without planning permission

Each of our studio models is delivered turnkey and is easy to install, with no need for planning permission.

Our range of live-in studios includes four designs:

  • The Twenty Lodge studio,
  • The Twenty Office garden desk
  • Le Voilier, the design studio with terrace and pergola
  • Le loft papillon, a studio for 4 people, with mezzanine

Discover our Fisherman’s Cabin and our Blue Cabin, two atypically charming creations that do not require planning permission!

Quadrapol garden studio features

A contemporary garden studio

The garden studio by Quadrapol adopts a contemporary design look with its various finishes and flat roof. For solid or clear cladding, we use stable, resistant woods such as spruce, larch, red cedar or thermo-heated ash.

Sustainable, eco-responsible construction

We use FSC, PEFC wood and wood fiber insulation. Sustainable and responsible materials. Our garden studios have no polyurethane foam or PVC joinery. We use only natural insulation and lacquered aluminum joinery. An environmentally-friendly garden chalet!

All the materials we use are the result of a strict selection process and our many years of experience in building timber-frame houses. A Quadrapol garden studio is built to the same high quality standards as a wooden house. You’ll be able to occupy your Twenty garden studio all year round, thanks to its wood wool insulation and complete electrical and hydraulic network, ensuring optimum comfort.

A made-to-measure garden studio

Choose the interior finish for our entire range of studios, wooden chalets and Tiny houses. Colors, finishes, you can personalize your habitable garden studio! You can also add options to your studio. So you can create the interior design that suits you: custom-made furniture, household appliances, outdoor terrace…

Creativity combined with woodworking virtuosity!

In addition to our Twenty Lodge, Twenty Office, Sailboat and Kube family models, we can also build your own custom garden studio! Need more space? We’ll build your 30m2 garden studio, combining contemporary design, the warm ambience of a wooden house and personalization!

For prices, please contact us! Our architects will accompany you right up to the handover of the keys to your studio.

All our wooden constructions





Twenty, Lodge or Office garden studio

A modern version of the nano habitat, comfortable and warm. It’s ideal as an accommodation solution, a wooden extension to your home or as a pool house.

The Twenty Lodge single-storey garden studio

It’s perfect for adding an extension without planning permission. Its rectangular shape makes it easy to fit out. The main room easily accommodates a sofa bed or double bed, as well as storage space. It’s a comfortable, versatile space. L-shaped kitchens optimize space and integrate storage and appliances. The shower room is designed to be bright, with a window, ideal for ventilation.

The Twenty Office garden desk

A garden office or an optimized, warm and ergonomic workspace, accompanied by a customer reception area. Even though it’s designed to accommodate your professional activity, the Twenty Office remains a real garden studio that can be lived in without planning permission!

Studios for 2 to 4 people

The contemporary design garden studio: Le Voilier

The Voilier is a charming model, very open to the outside world. It boasts a pleasant 20m2 terrace with an elaborately styled pergola, reminiscent of a sail. This designer garden studio is perfect for high-end rental projects.

Garden studio with mezzanine: The butterfly loft

The Kube is a studio with a mezzanine, making it easy to increase its surface area, while retaining a footprint of 20m2, so no planning permission is required. It’s the ideal solution for accommodating up to 4 people in optimum comfort! The Kube features an upstairs double sleeping area, and a spacious living room with sofa bed. It’s a complete habitat, equally suited to use as a primary or secondary residence, as a rental investment or as accommodation for ecologically-oriented residential leisure parks.

A mobile, adaptable nano-home

With their self-supporting structure, our mobile studios are easy to install and require no planning permission. They do not require foundations and can be easily connected to the network and relocated at a later date. Mobility is the key word!

Our studio models are sure to please whatever your project: extending your home, giving your loved ones a little independence and freedom, or making the most of the space in your garden with a rental project.

Each of our creations can be completely dismantled and moved.

Discover our wooden chalets and lodges, from 20 to 60 square meters.

Installing a garden studio without a permit: Regulations

You can set up your studio apartment without planning permission. If the footprint is less than 20m2, no permit is required. However, you will need to make a prior declaration to your local council.

To find out more about the regulations and taxes applicable to this type of project, please consult our Legislation page.

Installing a garden studio without a permit: Regulations

A garden studio is the ideal solution for making a rental investment or launching your professional activity!

Whether you opt for the Twenty Lodge version for a year-round or seasonal rental investment or a sustainable tourism project, or the Twenty Office version for a quiet, pleasant office or space dedicated to your professional activity, our habitable wooden garden studio is always the right solution!

The garden studio is a real opportunity to generate rental income two to three times higher than a conventional rental investment, without foundations or building permits.

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