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Tiny House Capucine

The Tiny House with a ground-floor bedroom

56,700 INCL. VAT

Capucine: the single-storey tiny house

Capucine is the latest addition to our range of Tiny Houses. This single-storey tiny house stands out for the size of its trailer, with a 7.20 m platform. It doesn’t have a mezzanine, but offers a true double bedroom on the first floor.

This 17 m2 mobile wooden house is mounted on a Vlemmix trailer. It features a 5.77m2 double bedroom with storage and bedside table. An 8.43 m2 living room with storage space, lounge area and fully-equipped kitchen: induction hob, resin sink and mixer tap, built-in fridge. The 1.93 m2 bathroom features a 90×90 shower, washbasin and toilet (dry or not, you decide).

Pleasant to live with every day

Its many windows and openings invite the outside environment inside. Thanks to the latter, there’s no need to hang pictures and frames, and the view of the surrounding countryside through the 8 beautiful windows brings warmth and cachet to this single-storey tinyhouse.

Another advantage is that each room is easily accessible, as it is on the first floor. Capucine appeals not only to parents with young children and senior citizens, but also to tourism professionals as an eco-responsible mobile home.


160 rue Lawrence Durrell,
EOLE building
84140 Avignon


The advantages of single-storey

La Capucine caters to both private and professional customers. It is perfectly suited to year-round occupancy, as part of a lifestyle change project in line with strong environmental values. The accessibility of her pieces means that she appeals to a wide audience.

More affordable in terms of purchase costs than a traditional house, but also more environmentally friendly, it is aimed at people wishing to become homeowners. To acquire it, you don’t need a mortgage, for which banks are reluctant. Take out a simple consumer credit. The Capucine tiny house is designed for students and young professionals, as well as the self-employed and retired.

In fact, it’s perfectly suited to those who would like to enjoy a home close to their children or grandchildren. It’s easy to install, with no need for planning permission, on a plot with trees or in a garden.

La Capucine is also aimed at professionals in the sustainable tourism sector, as well as private individuals wishing to embark on arental investment adventure. It meets the expectations of customers looking to reconnect with nature. In fact, the Capucine tiny house is a real wood-frame house. It features high-performance insulation for real living comfort in both summer and winter. Its mobility, durability, low energy consumption and eco-friendly composition make it a genuine ecological alternative to the mobile home.

Possibility of autonomy

What’s more, it can be completely self-sufficient in water and energy, thanks to a range of different systems. Solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, gas-fired water heaters and kitchens, pellet-burning stoves… There are plenty of solutions to help you realize the project you’ve always dreamed of!

Delivery times

The Tiny House Capucine is

delivered in 4 to 5 months, ready to live in. We deliver it for you, right up to the installation site (transport not included in the price).

Tiny houses and legislation

Are you ready for the Tiny House adventure? You probably have a few questions! To find out more about the legislation governing light and mobile housing, please consult the following page: legislation governing light and mobile housing.


The Tiny House Capucine is equipped with
autonomy options
for greater independence. This means you can install it on unserviced land, without needing to be connected to the city mains.

A photovoltaic system with solar panels and batteries, a gas system for your kitchen and water heater, and a wood or pellet-burning stove make you energy independent.

For water, we offer a rainwater recovery system with filtration, natural treatment and storage tank. In addition, a Biolan solution cleans gray water from the bathroom and kitchen. On each of our models, we offer dry toilets that significantly reduce your water consumption.

The Capucine tiny house in detail

The Capucine single-storey Tiny House(length: 7.20 m, width: 2.50 m) is made from top-quality European materials. Siding and panelling are made from FSC-certified natural wood species. The structural wood is made from KVH, a patented German process that gives the wood strength and resistance.

For insulation, we use Steico products, the benchmark for ecological and efficient insulation. Wood wool or mineral wool are available, depending on your project. To ensure optimum watertightness, we work with Dörken, using their own rain and vapour barriers. The roof is a single-panel steel trough.

A tiny house without a mezzanine

The Tiny House Capucine is a 17 m2 cottage that has nothing to envy from a traditional house.

As a result, it offers all the comfort you need in a small, perfectly optimized footprint.

Finally, our tiny house can be delivered anywhere in France and Europe.

Tiny house prix56 700 € TTC (hors livraison)
Superficie17 m²
Nombre de couchages2 à 4 couchages.
1 chambre double en RDC
Surface du plancher17 m²
RemorqueVlemmix, double essieux freinés, soudés galvanisés. Homologation CE
Ossature boisBois massif abouté KVH, structure garantie 20 ans.
Bardage boisEpicéa avec saturateur ou coloris (Certifié FSC / PEFC)
Isolation et étanchéitéPare-pluie Dorken Classement M1 (Bs1d0) Non inflammable | Pare-vapeur Dorken Euro Classe E Sd >100 m.
Isolation laine de bois.
ToitureBac acier, garantie fabriquant de 15 ans
Électricité & PlomberieAppareillage électrique Legrand. Eclairage spots. Tuyaux en polyéthylène réticulé en PER. Chauffe-eau électrique 50l. Chauffage électrique 1000w (2 unités).
Portes fenêtres et fenêtresAluminium thermo laqué. Double vitrage 4x18x4, gaz argon.
Cuisine équipéeMeubles de cuisine et plan de travail, évier, plaque induction 2 feux, réfrigérateur encastré. Coloris au choix.
Salle d’eau et WCDouche 80x80 avec porte vitrée; toilettes sèches en bois massif, lave-mains.
Habillage intérieurParquet en stratifié Krono, lambris en épicéa, PVC douche, appliques murales. Choix de coloris sur la palette.
Livraison2 à 3 mois

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