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All our wooden chalets and lodges

Discover our full range of turnkey wooden chalets.

Our eco-friendly wooden chalets and lodges

Quadrapol, a specialist in the eco-construction of habitable wooden chalets, offers you solid expertise based on years of experience, in the service of sustainable housing and ecological accommodation. Specializing in timber-frame construction(habitable wooden chalets) since 2008, we can help you build habitable wooden chalets delivered assembled, whether for home ownership or rental investment.

The different uses of wooden chalets and lodges

A Quadrapol wooden chalet is a real timber-frame house. Its robust structure and high-performance insulation make it ideal for year-round living. A wooden chalet can therefore be used as a main residence, leisure accommodation or rental investment!

Discover our chalets from 20m2 to 60m2!

At Quadrapol, we take care to offer a wide range of products habitable wooden chalets to meet every need.


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Our 20m2 or 30m2 wooden chalets

Would you like a 30m² wooden chalet with a fully-equipped kitchen, spacious bathroom and a pretty mezzanine for the sleeping area? Our Cabanon Bleu chalet is sure to please! It can be installed with a simple application to your local council.

Would you prefer a single-storey wooden lodge or chalet that’s completely open to the outdoors? Discover our Cabane du pêcheur wooden chalet, sure to win over lovers of outdoor living. In fact, it boasts a beautiful covered terrace and an atypical look, perched on stilts. It blends in perfectly with its natural surroundings. With its overhanging roof, the Fisherman’s Hut may require planning permission, depending on the local planning regulations.

Our wooden chalet with two or more bedrooms

Is your wood construction project a family project? Discover our Finnish Kota lodge wooden chalet. This wooden chalet is perfect for young and old, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Our wooden chalets delivered turnkey or ready-to-finish

The turnkeyversion is the ideal solution for quick installation. In this version, your wooden chalet is delivered fully assembled and equipped with a fitted kitchen and bathroom. This does not include earthworks, slab laying or the installation of studs. We offer a range of pre-designed, high-quality wooden lodges and chalets, to which we can add numerous options to personalize our creations and make them your own.

We can also offer some of our models ready-to-finish, with no interior fittings or finishes. In fact, this solution lets you choose the interior layout of your wooden lodge or chalet according to the space you have available and your needs. Please contact us for a price estimate!

The materials used to build our chalets and lodges

The materials used to build our wooden lodges and chalets are carefully selected. Our team of qualified craftsmen, passionate about woodworking and the development of accessible ecological housing, will build your wooden chalet. Their talent, combined with the work of our design office, enables us to create the chalet that’s right for you.

The wood we use comes from sustainably managed forests with PEFC or FSC certification. We take care to use natural, inherently robust wood species, such as larch, red cedar or thermo-heated ash, to ensure the longevity of your home through the decades. Finally, for insulation and waterproofing, we use European-made materials with a proven reputation, such as Dörken and Steico. These are essential conditions for Quadrapol, which makes it a point of honour to link construction and sustainable development.

To complete the circle, we plant trees for every wooden project we complete.

All our wooden constructions





Ecological, self-sufficient wooden chalets

By investing in the construction of a wooden home, you are helping to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

In fact, for each project we order, we replant trees in afforestation and reforestation programs in France. Join us in our reforestation plan! This is one of the most effective ways of combating global warming, as trees sequester carbon.

In addition to ecological and sustainable housing, Quadrrapol offers solutions for
water and energy self-sufficiency
. For out-of-town living and sensible consumption, in harmony with nature.

Chalet en Bois Cabane du Pêcheur

Wooden chalets: an attractive "green" investment

Make the most of your investment with the purchase of a wooden lodge or chalet of over 20 m².

Building a wooden chalet or lodge is a real opportunity to generate rental income two to three times higher than a conventional rental investment, with no need for foundations, plots or building permits.

Ready to fall in love with our fully customizable wooden chalets and lodges? Contact us for more information! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, and you’ll receive a quote for your specific requirements.

Wooden chalets and legislation

All dwellings over 20 m2 require planning permission.

When the floor area is less than 20m², a simple declaration is required. This is the case for the majority of our models, such as our Cabanon bleu wooden chalet, the Cabane du pêcheur or the modern Voilier lodge. For wooden chalets over 20m2, planning permission is required.

The role of the Local Urban Plan (PLU)

Before launching your project, we recommend that you consult the town planning department of your local council. This will give you access to the Local Urban Plan (PLU). It sets out the general rules for land use. It is the commune that draws up and establishes this overall urban planning and development project.

The PLU is made up of several documents. One of the main ones is the Regulations, with a graphic and a written part, specifically describing the rules for each of the 4 zones: urbanized zones (AU), urban zones (U), natural zones (N) and agricultural zones (A). It sets out the general rules for construction in each of the commune’s zones.

To find out more about construction in agricultural or natural zones, please consult the page of the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities ” Constructibility in agricultural, natural and forestry zones “.

To complement the PLU, we recommend thisarticle by Maître Jérôme Blanchetière, a lawyer specializing in real estate and urban planning law. Here you’ll find details of the 2014 ALUR law governing access to housing and renovated urban planning. It sets out the provisions relating to non-traditional habitats: mobile and demountable habitats constituting the permanent habitat of their users. This article sheds further light on the subject of light housing. It also reminds us that urban planning documents must take account of all types of habitat. For example, yurts, wooden chalets, tiny houses and other caravans