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Finnish Kota

Perfect for a very large family (up to 10 people).

126,500 € incl. VAT (delivery not included)

Kota: the Scandinavian-style family wooden lodge

The Finnish Kota lodge in a nutshell? Without a doubt: “family“! With a surface area of 61 m² and a warm, spacious sharing area, the Kota lodge is perfectly suited to your small tribe. This chalet can accommodate up to 10 people, with its 8 fixed beds!

Its layout has been designed to offer you all the comfort and practicality you need to live here. The Finnish Kota is also ideal for residential leisure parks.

This unique lodge features two mezzanines, two large double bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen openingonto a bright, spacious living room. In short, the space is designed to offer you all the comfort you need.

The materials used to make it

Its gable roof gives the Kota an inimitable Scandinavian style. Its structure is made of KVH wood, a solid finger-jointed wood obtained thanks to a German patent, and is highly resistant.


160 rue Lawrence Durrell,
EOLE building
84140 Avignon


Its thermo-heated ash cladding offers many advantages:

Durability: heat-treated ash cladding withstands weather and external aggression for decades.

Resistant: thanks to a special treatment, it is perfectly rot-proof.

Quality: wood from sustainably managed forests. This noble material adds a unique aesthetic touch with its caramel-brown color, which changes with the light.

What’s more, QUADRAPOL only selects wood with FSC or PEFC certification. These labels ensure the sustainable management of the forests from which they come. In this way, the material used does not harm the well-being of our environment and, on the contrary, ensures the sustainability of our resources.

To further contribute to this virtuous circle, for each project QUADRAPOL donates trees to the Reforestaction or Atmosylva websites.

The Kota wooden chalet, perfect for eco-responsible tourism projects

Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind, finished, turnkey wooden house, ready to accommodate 10 people, at a price of €126,500 including VAT (delivery not included).

If you have any questions about the model, please contact us via the contact form or call us on 04 65 68 09 17. Our entire team is at your disposal to advise you and help you realize your home project!

It's possible to make your Kota cottage energy self-sufficient!

At Quadrapol, we offer a range of solutions to enable your home to operate with complete or partial autonomy. To find out more, visit our Autonomy page.

Advantages of the Kota chalet, 61m2

Its gable roof gives the Kota an inimitable style. Our wooden chalet Kota is a very spacious chalet, with a surface area of 61m2 and a footprint of 44.30m2. Thanks to a real effort to optimize space, numerous storage spaces are available throughout the home. Under staircases, on mezzanines, in bedrooms. The ergonomically designed bathrooms are accessible from both the first floor bedrooms and the living room.

The living room opens onto the outside. Large bay windows and windows in the kitchen and living room provide through-light. The room is inviting and can accommodate a real living room and a large family table. There’s plenty of storage space in the kitchen. The same applies to staircases, where shelves and cupboards provide ample storage space.

How do I install it?

We deliver the assembled Kota chalet to its place of installation. Our skilled craftsmen make it with care in our workshop. Its KVH wood structure is highly resistant. To install it, there’s no need for soil-invasive hard foundations. The Kota is installed on a flat surface, on studs. Of course, if a slab is already present, it can be used, for example when replacing a mobile home. A crane is needed to position the chalet on the blocks.

Very good insulation

Insulation is made with wood or mineral wool, depending on customer preference. We recommend wood wool, which is highly effective for thermal and acoustic comfort. It’s also more environmentally friendly than glass or rock wool. Waterproofing completes the insulation, with a German-made rainscreen and vapour barrier, as does the thermo-heated ash cladding and panelling. What’s more, we use only FSC or PEFC-certified natural wood species. No autoclave.

Finally, when it comes to decorating the interior of your home, you can choose your own trim! The color of the kitchen furniture, the shower finish, the shade of the paneling and the choice of parquet flooring… let your creativity flow!

What's next for Chalet Kota?

The 61m2 Kota chalet meets the needs of large families. The Kota has 8 fixed berths, 4 on the first floor and 4 on the mezzanine. This allows all generations of the family to live under the same roof. For added comfort and practicality on a daily basis, take advantage of two shower rooms. Finally, discover a beautiful living room with a convivial dining room, a fully-equipped kitchen and a lounge area.

The Kota is perfectly suited to residential leisure parks and campsites. We developed the transportable version of the Kota for the needs of a residential leisure park. Convenient and unobtrusive, this version allows you to move it to a different location whenever you need to. It’s the perfect solution for a change of scenery and a move to the countryside.

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