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Quadrapol Tiny house models

Tiny House Colibri sur une route de campagne

At Quadrapol, we attach great importance to the development of our Tiny house models. Indeed, each of them allows to answer different needs. You can live alone, as a couple or with your family and children… Tiny Houses are adapted to you!

Delivered to your home within 12 weeks and anywhere in France, take advantage of the turnkey option, all fitted out and ready to live in. If you wish to visit one of the Tiny Houses, we have a showroom near Avignon.

In this article you will discover all our offer and models of houses on wheels that we propose.

Hummingbird model

Equipped with 2 mezzanines, this small wooden house on wheels can accommodate up to 4 people. Especially for you, we have negotiated a loan at 2.45% so that your budget is respected but also so that this investment is within the reach of young people. Ideal to live in, it also plays perfectly the role of seasonal rental, which makes it a more profitable and interesting investment. With a surface area of 23.5m2, the Colibri is fully customizable and can be adapted to your needs to ensure your comfort.

Its price: 44 300€ TTC and to discover it, click here.

Hydi model

The first floor of this house on wheels with a surface of 11,38m2 is easily customizable to accommodate friends or family. Entirely open to the outside thanks to its 8 windows, the space of this real house on wheels is very luminous in summer as well as in winter. Equipped with mezzanines, its interior is perfectly optimized for both children and adults.

Its price: 47 200€ TTC and to discover it, click here

Model Carol

Even though this Tiny may look quite classic to you, it is actually very modern and practical. Thanks to its 11 windows, the light enters ideally in all the room including in the 2 mezzanines which it is equipped for your greater comfort. The Tiny House Carol is perfect for living in, but it also works perfectly as an extra accommodation for up to 4 guests.

Its price: 50 900€ TTC and to discover it, click here

Cabana Model

Made of exceptional materials and able to accommodate up to 4 people, this Tiny is Quadrapol’s little protégée. It is the most accomplished of the range, the most worked in the smallest details with a design that combines both elegance and style. Its 10 windows will ensure you all the necessary luminosity to live there. The walls that make it up, meanwhile, will allow you to feel perfectly warm on cold winter nights.

Its price: 53 400€ TTC and to discover it, click here

Montana model

The Montana is a real house on wheels with a unique style, with a protected entrance that can open onto a terrace. Thanks to its two mezzanines of 8.5m2, the space is optimized and you can arrange it according to your needs. In addition, they are ideal for entertaining guests.

Its price: 51 100€ TTC and to discover it, click here

Lugano model

With a large and bright living room of 13.4m2, you can enjoy all the space you need to set up your interior as you wish. Its roof, made of a trapezoidal profile steel sheet, adds to its aesthetics an original side.

Its price: 54 700€ TTC and to discover it, click here

Now that you’ve had a chance to discover our entire range, it’s your turn to play! And for more information, our entire team is at your disposal to advise you.


160 rue Lawrence Durrell,
EOLE building
84140 Avignon


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